AAR: A Questionable Klingon

Filed By:
CMDR Charlotte Jarnefelt

After Action Report

LOCATION DS13, Sickbay

MISSION Care and providing medical assistance to Civilians aboard the Ship which exploded near the station.

OUTCOME 36 Civilians treated, majority of which are now stable and discharged, more critical patients being looked after.

CMDR Charlotte Jarnefelt
Medical Staff

NARRATIVE A quiet evening quickly becoming very busy to much of my and everyone’s surprise when apart of a civilian transport exploded.

I rushed to sickbay and had my emergency teams on standby - Ops began to beam everyone from the ship to Sickbay. However some interference from the radiation from the Civilian Vessel had led to some difficulties including people being transported to random parts of the station (Including a Klingon who I’m sure will have a seperate report submitted about himself.)

Sickbay was quickly full and I delegated necessary resources where they needed to be helping everyone with all their different needs. It was here I met the Ships Captain who was in a panic and was warning me about a Klingon Man who had overpowered his engineers and sabotaged the ships engines. He was unsure of the Klingon’s motive - He was on the passenger list so it was clear he didn’t sneak on board.

After some time I then began to recieve some officers who had been injured by said Klingon after the Transporter had accidentally transported him to the event horizon lounge where he attacked and engaged multiple officers. I cared for them but I was pulled into an emergency surgery so cannot update on their condition.

RECOMMENDATION Medical needs of the crew have been taken care of, furthermore the majority of the Civilians were being transported to the station so won’t need alternative needs of travel. The Klingon in question should be questioned throughly to determine if the Captain is correct and why he attempted to cause as much harm as he did.

OOC This is to update about what was happening in Sickbay while I was running a short event at the event horizon lounge with an Angry Klingon Man.