AAR: Battle for Tafor System

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CAPT Holmes, A.

LOCATION Alpha Quadrant, Itrin Sector, Tafor System

MISSION Secure a foothold in the Itrin Sector to launcher further counter attacks against Terran forces in Azedi Confederacy Space.

OUTCOME Effective Failure. Four Terran vessels destroyed. Minor damage to Starfleet taskgroup. Tafor System is now further fortified against attack. 75 captured Prisoners of War.


  • CAPT Bahieh, K. (Invictus, Commanding)
  • CAPT Grant, S. (Artemis, Commanding)
  • CAPT Hanson, R. (Sunrise, Commanding)
  • CAPT Holmes, A. (Dallas, Commanding)
  • CAPT Mirazuni, A. (Endeavour, Commanding)

NARRATIVE Captain Mirazuni conducted a briefing in the Endeavour’s War Room via holopresence and laid out a number of possible plans of action for “probing attack[s] to test Terran weaknesses”. We agreed that as an initial attack we should focus on the lightly defended Tafor System.

As we arrived, Captain Bahieh took point and issued a demand of surrender, to which the Terran vessels responded by requesting reinforcements to the system. Current forces in the system were comprised of three Cruiser weight vessels and five Escort weight vessels. Higher numbers than expected, but our complement was expected to be of adequate readiness to combat these forces.

Knowing a battle was a certainty at this point, all vessels went to red alert and raised defences. While Invictus, Artemis, Dallas and Endeavour met the Terran vessels head on, targeting the lead Cruiser, Sunrise opted to swing around the hostile group in an attempt to pull some of the escorts away from the cruiser group.

Unfortunately, due to the actions of the escorts, early in the battle, Sunrise’s weapon systems were compromised by enemy fire, causing her own torpedoes to detonate within her outer shield bubble, causing significant shield and minor hull damage. Due to the position of the Sunrise at this time it was not possible to provide adequate cover.

Endeavour and Invictus continued the assault on the leading Cruisers while Artemis and Dallas moved to pull the Escort group from the Sunrise. Dallas was able to lay down a suppressive barrage on the main Escort group assaulting the Sunrise, allowing Sunrise some reprieve to pull away to repair their damage. Leaving a parting gift, Sunrise was able to dismantle the shields of the lead Escort which Dallas used to great effect, firing a salvo of torpedoes and destroying the Escort.

Using the gap in fire, Dallas was able to maneuverer to support Sunrise directly, extending shields around the now defenceless Sunrise and combine firepower to disable a Terran Cruiser ahead of both vessels.

The rest of the taskgroup disabled the second Cruiser while the Terran forces withdrew. Our victory was short lived however as the withdrawal was to regroup with the incoming Terran forces. We regrouped ourselves and moved to secure the two disabled vessels, however they had already begun a self-destruct sequence and it was not possible to recover either vessel. A small number of the ship’s contingent was beamed from the doomed vessels to the Artemis and Invictus, however only a small percentage of each crew was saved.

As we withdrew from the system, Dallas emanated a low-level subspace field to mask our warp signatures.

RECOMMENDATION It is likely that the group that arrived at the Tafor system split from the more heavily defended Ikmore system. This may present an opportunity for counterattack.
Prisoners of War should be given medical treatment and questioned as to determine reason for their invasion and additional intelligence such as force composition, leadership and state of readiness.
RECOGNITION All vessels performed exceptionally against untenable odds.

OOC Thanks Sam for this event!