AAR - Beta Ursae System Patrol, Reimers System

TO: Captain G. Greywarden
CC: Commander Dae
SUBJECT: Beta Ursae System Patrol, Reimers System
FROM: Captain Kenneth P Noisewater

On Stardate: 91766.95 while on patrol in the Reimers System we encountered True way activity near Reimers IV. Reimer IV is an M-Class colony world with approximately 670,000 residents. More than 90 percent of the colonists are Cardassian. Starfleet Intel has been observing more True Way activity within this system.

We encountered heavy resistance in orbit around Reimers IV. Three Cardassin Keldons and two Cardassian Galors initiated aggression towards us and began there assault. We began to repel boarders and take evasive action. The Challenger was able to destroy two of the Galors while the remaining three vessels departed the system at maximum warp. Sensors indicated the Ships where heading towards Cardassia. I have ordered a complete sensor sweep of the system before we depart to resume patrol


Captain Kenneth P Noisewater
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Challenger