AAR - Crux Arm Incident

Stardate: 89915.3Crux Arm IncidentReport Submitted by: Captain Evaric, U.S.S. Moirai

On stardate 89913.5 the U.S.S. Moirai responded to a universal distress call in the thirty-fifth system of RSGC1 (Scutum-Crux Arm) in the Delta Quadrant, as per protocol. A merchant vessel (designation RABBIT-Alpha) and its escort (WATCHDOG-Alpha) were involved in combat with two ships of unknown species and origin (EV-alpha, EV-beta). As per procedure, the U.S.S. Moirai entered multi-vector assault mode, engaged, and quickly routed the opposition; one enemy vessel was presumed disabled with its system-wide shutdown of navigation controls, the other fled weapons range then activated warp. Given the undetermined status of the fled ship, the Moirai remained separated as we ascertained the condition of the merchant and its escort.

At 89913.6, the situation was revealed as deception: all ships involved were working together for the apparent purpose of trapping unwary vessels. WATCHDOG-A opened fire with a self-propelled explosive spread that damaged Alpha and Beta command sections. Simultaneously, the missing enemy vessel, EV-B dropped warp and, with RABBIT-A and EV-A, surrounded and tractored the Beta Command section of the Moirai.

Despite efforts by Alpha and Gamma sections, physical mechanisms of all three tractoring enemy vessels (RABBIT-A, EV-A & B) clamped onto the Beta section's hull and forced it to enter warp. We were unable to pursue while exchanging active fire with WATCHDOG.

At 89913.7, WATCHDOG withdrew after activating what is referred to as a 'sensor bomb', which spreads masking particles throughout the combat area to disrupt warp signature tracking. The Moirai immediately began manual sensor sweeps of the nearest systems, working separated (unable to reconnect with the absence of the Beta section) but in tandem. Results were negative for the immediate area. Upon arrival of reinforcements from the Ninth fleet, the U.S.S. Moirai was relieved of its mission and its search efforts, with orders to report to the nearest starbase.

At this time, Ninth fleet search and rescue has not obtained any decisive information as to the whereabouts of the jump-jacked section. Attached is a list of MIA crew assigned to the U.S.S. Moirai, Beta section.

-Captain Ashe Evaric
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Beta Command section Crew, MIA:

  • Commander Jim McMurtrie
  • Commander Chassy S. Quaen
  • Lieutenant Commander Tracina Boult
  • Lieutenant JG. Ardandon Hrasel
  • Lieutenant JG. Pfesh
  • Chief Petty Officer Gruk
  • Petty Officer FC. Owain
  • Petty Officer SC. Jameson H. Whitmore
  • Crewman Tyrel C. Gwendolyn
  • Crewman Cheventa Corin
  • Crewman Surin Kz
  • Crewman Ivia Stru'me'hnalik
  • Crewman Lhen
  • Crewman V. B. Dharztiel
  • Crewman Tiyintah-Eh'vin
  • Crewman Shadwain L. Jes

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