AAR: Drone Attack, SS Sirius Impound

Stardate: 93561.9Drone Attack, SS Sirius ImpoundReport Submitted: LT Kermit, J.Level 1: Open

During alpha shift, Operations received a communication from the USS Fearless, reporting that they were en route to DS13 with an impounded freighter in tow. Apparently that freighter had sent out a distress call when Fearless impounded them, which prompted a response from three destroyer-weight vessels. Fearless initially misidentified these vessels as Echometan Frigates, but it was quickly determined that they were using holoemitters to mask their true identity. Captain Thiessen was alerted and starships Rutledge and Atlantis were dispatched to rendezvous with Fearless and provide backup.

When the reinforcements arrived, the unknown destroyers refused to respond to hails and opened fire. The task force returned fire aiming to disable, but this had little effect. Vanguard and San Jacinto also joined the combat, as the ships neared DS13's defense perimeter. When it was determined that the unknown vessels were drone-ships, they were able to be disabled via a combination of conventional weaponsfire and targeted EM bursts.

The impounded freighter, SS Sirius, has been docked with DS13 and secured pending inspection and a report on the charges from Fearless. The three drone-ships have had their weapon systems manually disconnected and have been berthed in Drydock B for further study.

Officers Involved:
CAPT Konieczko, D.
CAPT Nimitz, A.
CAPT Parsons, A.
CAPT Thiessen, T.
CMDR Wilson, C.
LT Kermit, J.

Lieutenant James Kermit
Starbase Operations
Deep Space 13