AAR: Endeavour Insurrection

Stardate 94863.2
CMDR N. Larson
Level 3 - Restricted


MISSION: Remembrance Service

OUTCOME: Three members of the crew mutinied. Captain Bishop was shot but there were no other casualties. Mutineers restrained and brigged.


Captain Tau Thiessen
Captain Samuel Bishop
Captain Benjamin Rosewood
Captain Keelah Se'Lai
Captain David Kriss Amburg-Larz
Commander Alistair Nimitz
Commander Mi'shune sh'Sonora
Lieutenant Commander Keliaya
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Eshka Beles
Civilian T'Pia Bishop-Se'Lai

Lieutenant Vilik (detained and brigged)
Petty Officer John Jacobs (detained and brigged)
Crewman Asitial Sh'ozaonnel (detained and brigged)


At Beta +1, Captain Bishop organised a small Remembrance service for all those had fallen in the Battle of Deep Space Thirteen. It was interrupted by Lieutenant Vilik, Petty Officer Jacobs, and Crewman Sh'ozaonnel, who held the group hostage. Attempts made to beam out or communicate with the rest of the ship failed due to localised interference.

As Captain Bishop approached Lt Vilik, he was shot. In the distraction, the group attacked the mutineers and disarmed them without any further injuries. Captain Amburg-Lars' had been attempting to circumvent the interference and he managed to contact the USS Melqart about the situation, who in turn, informed us. We moved to Red Alert and scrambled security teams. Upon reaching the lounge, the security teams detained the mutineers and Captain Bishop was rushed to Medbay 2.

Captain Bishop is currently in critical, but stable condition. I have assumed command of the Endeavour. Security has been heightened and we have scheduled mandatory counselling sessions to try to restore order to the ship. The mutineers are confined to the brig and await questioning.

I would recommend that all Commanding Officers be weary for any growing rise in sentiment in the crew as well as refugees, and to treat each case seriously. As members of Starfleet, we would expect anyone who wears the uniform to adhere to the laws and rules they agreed to when they joined. However, trauma can warp the perspective of even the most principled person, and it is crucial that we address these before they grow.

OOC: This is the AAR for the "To the end, They remain," event. If I have missed anyone, let me know!

Do also let me know if people want to follow up; we can do this either in game or on Discord!