AAR: Faithful Asylum Request

Stardate 95510.1
CAPT S. Bishop
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Raven's Star System, Boreth Sector

MISSION: Attend a diplomatic reception with the Protectorate who would like to celebrate their victory over the Tholians

OUTCOME: Attendees received the highest honour that the Protectorate has, the Star of Raven. Ships detected entering the Raven's Star system from the bridge, who were identified to be Faithful refugees escaping Tholian enslavement of the Yu System. Faithful refugees granted asylum. Bridge destroyed by the Tholians.

CAPT S. Bishop
CAPT A. Derenzis
CAPT A. Nimitz
CMDR T. Akaela
LT S. Valore

NARRATIVE: The officers listed above (with the exception of Captain Nimitz who remained on the USS Pegasus), arrived at the Protector's Palace. We were welcomed warmly and proceeded to be led to the throne room, where we were greeted by the Protector himself. He gave the following awards:

To Ambassador Perim and Consul Bozid - The Protector's Thanks; the highest honour granted to civilians.

To all Starfleet Officers and enlisted personnel that entered the Raven's Star System from the 4th April to the 14th June - The Protector's Swords.

To Captains Bishop, Derenzis, Derix, Lyn, Nimitz, and Tanaka, Lieutenants Archer and Valencia, and Ensign Vuras - The Star of Raven.

It was then announced that ships had entered the Raven's Star System from the bridge. Going to the Situation Room, this officer took command of the situation with the blessings of the Protector. It was established by the USS Pegasus that there were two hundred and forty-eight (248) ships, with approximately a third of them needing immediate assistance. This officer tasked the Pegasus to render aid, whilst letting Captain Derenzis contact the USS Eminence, Endeavour, and Shackleton to come and assist. The ships then hailed and I proceeded to speak with the Deputy Commissioner of the Faithful, who formally requested asylum. As the Commanding Officer, I granted the Faithful Federation asylum and asked the Protector if the Protectorate would grant the Faithful asylum. He agreed. At was at this point when the Pegasus detected an explosion coming from the bridge and reported that it had been destroyed, most likely by the Tholians to prevent any further escapees from the Yu system.

The rest of the officers then moved to assist in the logistics of granting asylum to the Faithful fleet.

RECOMMENDATION: A review of the asylum request granted by the Commanding Officer must be done and revised as needed. I will be available for a full hearing if requested. Aid should be given, as appropriate, to the Protectorate to help them with the refugees.

Unfortunately, the Yu system is now part of Tholian space and though I recommend that diplomatic dialogue be opened the Tholians in regards to the asylum seekers, I do not believe that the Federation can do anything to overturn the annexation of the system. All ships should be aware of the final decision on the status of potential Faithful refugees.

With the threat to the Raven's Star system over following the destruction of the bridge, I recommend that Task Force Raven be dissolved, and Captain Nimitz should be commended for his successful leadership.

OOC: This is the AAR for the event The Caws of Freedom, which I believe was the last episode in the Raven's Star story arc! Thank you so much to Nimitz for running such an amazing story arc! Let me know if there's anything that needs to be changed or edited here.