AAR: First ethnological survey of Newna

Stardate 95240.9
CAPT A. A. Timoreev, U.S.S. Attar
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Newna (Forged Earth)

MISSION: Assessment for a first ethnological survey of the planet populaton

OUTCOME: First assessment completed; full survey currently underway


CAPT A. A. Timoreev
LCDR Lendaria

NARRATIVE: The Attar arrived in Newna's orbit in stardate 95229.9 for the beginning of its full survey of the system. After having consulted with the senior staff, I decided to authorize an ethnological survey of the planet. However, under suggestion of my Chief Science Officer, it was deemed crucial to get a first assessment of the situation to see if such a survey would have been suitable due the circumstances. As a result, I decided to carry out such an assessment personally, and I was accompanied during the visit by LCDR Lendaria, who had previously embarked on the Attar before our leaving DS13.

Following my training and personal expertise, once beamed down on the planet I suggested to try visit a local culinary place in order to observe the situation in a more relaxed environment. We didn't adopt any cover, as I deemed it critical to present ourselves to the population for who we actually are, instead of hiding our identities, following an established procedure for anthropological study.
After this first visit, LCDR Lendaria suggested to visit the site where the ancient Valley Forge crashed, a suggestion I promptly accepted.
We didn't encounter any problem in reaching the place, which is, at all effect, the center of Newna's 'spiritual' life. I attach to this report a full analysis of the site, including pictures and corresponding maps. Here, it is sufficient to say that the whole place has been tranformed into a museum, which offered us the chance of taking a guided tour of the ship remnants. This tour, in particular, has been highly informative: not only it was possible for us to interact directly with one of Newna's inhabitants in what we may define their most sacred place, but it was also possible to observe her behavior in situ, and to gain more information on the history of the colonial vessel and of its relationship with the planet's inhabitants.
In this sense, it is particularly striking that the place is still used as a burial place, not only of those original passengers who did not survive the crash, but also of their successors, including many Newna's inhabitants, who use such an act as a way to reconnect with their past. Specific areas of the vessel clearly keeps a sacred aura for the people of Newna, as it is clear from their observed behavior.

RECOMMENDATION: As a result of this brief visit, I authorized the ethnological and anthropological survey as requested by my Chief Science Officer. Specifically, twenty-four crewmembers were selected, and divided into eight groups, each made of three persons, sent in pre-selected areas of the planet in order to get as thourough a view as possible.
Both for security reasons and in order not to increase any possible cultural shock for the inhabitants, all the selected personnel were made of humans. They will be picked up once the Attar will return from the astrological survey of the rest of the system.
It is my personal opinion, however, that in order to gain more data Starfleet should deploy more resources to such a task. The society on Newna is a very interesting example of evolution of humans outside the framework offered by the Federation, and the opportunity offered by such an example to further our knowledge of anthropology, sociology, and ethnology should not be wasted, particulalry if we wish to further strengthen our relation with these people.



Captain Andrej A. Timoreev,
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Attar
38th Fleet