AAR: Freighter Convoy Distress Call

Stardate: 93043.2AAR: Freighter Convoy Distress CallReport Submitted: CAPT Glarp

On Wednesday evening, some time prior to Delta Shift, the USS Agincourt was on its routine escort of Federation Trade Route 241. A convoy of seven Ferengi-operated freighters was traveling along the route, deeper into Federation space. All was as expected until a squadron of Klingons entered the area. We immediately hailed the Klingons and informed them that they were in violation of Federation space. It was a this point that the Klingon Captain demanded that they be allowed to inspect the freighter convoy.

Naturally, we denied this request. The Klingons responded by doing so without permission. Agincourt sent a call for reinforcements and moved in defense of the convoy and was subsequently disabled. Without weapons engines or shields, we were left adrift.

A short time later, a task force from the 38th Fleet (Atlantis, Myanmar, Rutledge) arrived to assist. By the time they arrived, the Klingons had begun their inspection, with boarding parties aboard all seven freighters. Attempts at negotiation were less than successful, but they did manage to convince the Klingon Captain, from House Telok, to explain that they suspected the Ferengi of arms smuggling, and were searching for illegal weapons aboard the freighters.

Despite repeated attempts to explain to the Klingons that their inspection was in violation of treaty, they continued their operations. Eventually, they 'confiscated' some amount of cargo from two freighters of the freighters, before releasing all all but one. The released freighters immediately attempted to flee, but were interdicted by the Atlantis.

Captain Nimitz and a security team from the Rutledge beamed over to the remaining Klingon-occupied freighter, to negotiate with the Captain. It became clear that the Klingons intended to impound the vessel and imprison its crew. The Federation's objections were ignored, and the Klingon squadron with the occupied freighter prepared to go to warp. A brief confrontation ensued on the bridge of the freighter, which was cut short by the Myanmar's quick action. Canisters of gas were transported aboard just as the ship jumped to warp, rendering the crew (and Captain Nimitz' team) unconscious.

The Argo task force gave chase to recover its personnel, allowing the remaining six freighters to flee the scene, regardless of any accusations against them. When the task force caught up with the Klingon squadron, they were nearing the Empire's border. They freely returned Captain Nimitz and his team, but insisted that the freighter be impounded and its crew charged for their crimes. With little choice, short of risking a devastating confrontation, Starfleet reclaimed its officers and withdrew back to Federation space.

Officers Involved:
CAPT Nimitz
CMDR Sivath
LCDR Zaldo
LCDR Russo
LT Quaen
LT Zecou
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Captain Glarp
USS Agincourt