AAR: Gainsborough Search and Rescue

Stardate 94032.8
CAPT K. Se'Lai
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Alpha-7192 Sector

MISSION: Reopen wormhole utilized by Species 2492 to track possible location of Gainsborough survivors.

OUTCOME: Remaining survivors from USS Gainsborough recovered (43 personnel in total). Antia Liana-Tems returned to an allied vessel. Ghadruil returned to the Korlackress homeworld to receive more suitable aid.


CAPT Keelah Se’lai (USS Valley Forge)
CAPT Fiona Skye (USS MacAlpine)
CAPT Aru Jani (USS Harmony)
CAPT Alistair Nimitz (USS Akagi)
CAPT William Levesley (USS Camelot)
CAPT Samuel Bishop (USS Endeavour)
CAPT John Viktor (USS Freeman)
SDCR Ael (RRW Myrmidon)
CMDR Thalszhyl’ia Zh’Zhavis
CMDR Chance Wilson
CMDR P’tok
LCDR Keliaya
LCDR Jung Eunbi
CDT Ashley Terik
CDT Cecilia Skye


CMDR Mischa Leveson-Scott
CIV Roroa Pertiwn
CIV Antia Liana-Tems
CIV Ghadruil


LT Garvey
LT Shusiilla
ENS Wanda

NARRATIVE: After receiving yet another mystery tip, we concluded that it was unlikely for our enemies to try the same trick twice and decided to investigate this lead, which contains more details and appeared more legitimate. This time, we did not go alone and instead assembled a task force. Upon release from drydock we rendezvoused with the other vessels (names above in the personnel list) and proceeded to the site where the Gainsborough’s task force was previously lost. Our mission was expedited upon arrival as we found the USS Camelot patrolling the region and so initial arrival procedure was foregone. This enabled us to promptly commence our plan of action.

The Valley Forge deflector and sensors had already been upgraded with the supplied information prior to our departure, and so we moved straight to applying the sensor upgrade in order to identify the aperture point. Happily, this yielded prompt results and so we proceeded to a safe distance from the task force and brought the deflector upgrade online. The energy pulse we emitted was focused on the target coordinates and seemed to drain a large portion of power before showing any signs of results. It took an unnerving amount of time, but sure enough a wormhole aperture began to form. It scanned as being far less stable than a naturally forming anomaly and it was estimated to not be sustainable for more than few minutes.

With no time to lose, we proceeded to enter the event horizon - with the task force following in close formation. It soon became apparent that the power draw to sustain the anomaly was overly taxing on the Valley Forge’s systems and despite rerouting all non essential power - we were looking to fall short. The Endeavour provided a power transfer to aid us in sustaining the anomaly and we soon exited unscathed into an uncharted system. I am pleased to report at this point that the task force worked with extremely good cohesion and vessel coordination was optimal; and while some vessels immediately set about investigating the area, others more suitably equipped secured the region around them. It was not long before the task force detected a Starfleet distress beacon emanating from a nearby planet. Whilst closing on said planet, the Harmony also detected what was believed to a substantial protomatter build up - indicative of an increasingly unstable geological state. This was confirmed as we made orbit since data suggested that the planet was verging on collapse (now believed to be an exponentially accelerated runaway greenhouse effect).

Though orbital scans confirmed the presence of multiple personnel on the ground, transporter use was ruled out due to the increasingly unstable atmospheric conditions and so - again with admirable cohesion - the task force quicky assembled all available small craft to ferry rescue parties to the surface with USS MacAlpine and RRW Myrmidon coordinating small craft movements. Ground conditions were reported as rapidly deteriorated by rescue teams 1 & 2 (made up predominately of the combined task force command staff). This hampered the search efforts which led to an undesirable increase in the time taken to reach identified personnel. The teams were however successful and I am pleased to report that all missing personnel have now been recovered, or at least accounted for.

Unfortunately nothing could be done to prevent the planets deterioration, as the last rescue team barely made it off the surface before the planet exploded. We have at least retained some detailed scan data on the indeginous life thanks to the combined tricorder scans collated from rescue parties and recovered personnel (data will be composited within the planetary archive record for posterity). Following my debrief with CMDR Leveson-Scott, I believe that this sequence of unfortunate events regarding the planets demise was unavoidable. The Commander presented compelling data which suggested a structure of unknown origin that she encountered was responsible for maintaining an energy field around the planet. Data suggests that this field was holding the planet in a form of virtual temporal suspension - I say virtual as it was not completely suspended, but seemingly progressing at a severely decelerated rate - and had it not been deactived by the Commander when it was, it is likely that our rescue teams would have also become caught in it's effects. For this if nothing else; the Commander has earned by deepeset gratitude and upmost respect, as it can not have been an easy decision to reach.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Full support for recovered personnel must be a priority. Despite this ordeal only lasting a few days for them (compared with the five months that have passed for the rest of us), it is an extremely traumatic series of events and they should be given every opportunity to make a full recovery.

Consideration should be given to how Starfleet conducts further investigation into the artificial wormholes. The one our task force used today tracked to the southern most reaches of Alpha 7192, however this is not consistent with our previous positive result in the recovery of Cadet Tierno. I can only surmise that there are further mechanics to these wormholes than we presently understand.

While every effort was made to retain the system upgrades we were provided, they did - as we were advised - expire. Personnel involved may have some intermittent knowledge retained but with no solid data to reinforce any of it, reconstructing the upgrades will prove to be a long term endeavour. I have nonetheless requested that my staff involved work with DS13 research teams to advise to the best of their abilities on what they can recall of the technology.

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((After Antia transfers to the LFS Jhu'Ihstelam))

Talon affixed a curious stare at Antia, who had proceeded to plop into and lounge in the Captain chair on the modified T'varo vessel, "Only a few days?"

"Yep.." Antia replied nonchalantly, "The squids said there was some crazy alien time warping gizmo keeping the planet from dying due to protomatter or whatever."

"Huh.... why was it made with protomatter though? Got to be easier ways to make a nature preserve.... Kind of amusing considering what the Tzenkethi are up to lately actually." Talon, a Jem Hadar long since freed from Dominion control including the need for ketracel white (though he and Antia never discuss how that was accomplished), noted to himself with a mild curiosity.

"So the lizard pigs are being uppity eh? Should see about getting some feelers in with them. Can never have too many friends after in high places after all." Antia noted sitting a bit straighter, "We heading back to Halation?"

"Yes, We just dropped into Jouret system and are in queue for the gate to Solanae, won't be more than an hour after transfer. Alidar has been wanting to see you again, it was months for us after all, we though the Foundation's icon was lost for a bit." Talon noted with a bit of a sardonic note.

"Pfft.. please... I bet D'Mehan has been losing it though." She says with a smirk. A round of chuckles goes around the bridge.

With the most sarcastic form he can muster, the Jem Hadar mockingly states, "He never gave up on believing... cause..."

and he and Antia both finished the sentence in mock unison, ".. that's what it means to be a pirate...."

"Yeah.." Antia continued, "It's still wrong, but it's nice to know where the idiot stands, heh."

"What about those Feds? They were all new ones to you right?"

"Eh... not so bad.. a couple of them were a bit gung ho, I liked their security babysitter dude, except for the mustache he was focused nicely. I wouldn't mind having dealings with them again maybe." Antia notes with a nonchalant air about her.

"Well... it's a small galaxy after all. Those things that attacked you both are still about too." Talon notes with a smirk.

"Yeah, they might even want my intel there eventually. Liana Foundation is a friend to all." she says happily as she gets up to retire for a bit in her chambers on ship, "Let me know when we're home." as she heads off and Talon takes over on the bridge, satisfied his leader is back.
Stardate 94035.4
CAPT S.A. Bishop
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Alpha-7192 Sector.

MISSION: Report - Recovery Team 1

OUTCOME: Recovery Team 1 located the survivor known as Antia Liana-Tems and Ghadruil.

CAPT Samuel Alexander Bishop
CAPT William Levesley
CMDR Chance Wilson
CMDR P'tok
LCDR Jung Eunbi

Dr (NPC1)
Dr (NPC2)

Survivors: Antia Liana-Tems and Ghadruil


Upon beaming down to the planet, the away team decided to split up into two teams of six, lead by myself and Captain Nimitz. For the purposes of this report, my team is Recovery Team 1, and Captain Nimitz's is Recovery Team 2.

Both teams carried medical and tactical officers as well as long range communicators and emergency flares. Taking up a close tactical formation with all officers staying within visual range due to the fog, we set off to try and locate the missing survivors. Almost immedietly we located several survivors which we directed back to the landing area to await an evac.

LCDR Eunbi decided to gain some high ground, which she achieved by climbing a rocky outcrop. CAPT Levesley instructed CMDR P'tok to follow her whilst the CAPT, CMDR Wilson, and I carried on searching the ground. Tricorder scans revealed another life form ahead which was further confirmed by LCDR Eunbi from her vantage point. Closely followed by LCDR Eunbi and CMDR P'tok, we advanced onwards with caution whereby we were promptly fired at by the life form. We could not see this person, but the phaser fire gave us a rough idea of where the life form was. CMDR Wilson, CAPT Levesley and myself all took up positions around this point, surrounding the area, with the other two officers taking supplimentary positions around us.

Following this, I introduced us and our intention to the life form but it did not seem to respond. Suddenly, from behind us, a series of blinding lights flashed as CAPT Levesley repeated my order. Fearing for the safety of the team, I charged in on the life form. Though my attempt was unsuccessful, the distraction gave time for the rest of the team to move in and surround the life form. She introduced herself as Antia Liana-Tems, one of the surviors. Informing us that she had last seen Ghadruil moving towards the mountain area, we headed off in that direction.

As we ascended the mountain, there were a series of tremours and rockfalls, making the ascension risky. Given that the mountain was no longer safe to climb, I ordered the team to make its way back down. This is where we met up with Recovery Team 2. LCDR Eunbi managed to locate a crack in the rocks which led down to a small cave with the bodies of Ghadruil and another officer. As the tremours widened the crack, LCDR Eunbi crawled in to try and rescue the two bodies. Ghadruil was unconscious but alive, whilst the other officer was dead. As the two teams met, there was some conflict about who was meeant to be giving orders but this was quickly resolved and everyone got off the mountain with the two bodies and we were promptly picked up by an awaiting shuttle.

RECOMMENDATION: No Action Necessary, see above report for further information.

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