AAR: Ground Invasion Simulation (Starfleet)

Filed By:
Capt. Barron, Maikull

LOCATION Talos Junction Outpost (Holodeck)

MISSION Run Overwhelming Invasion Simulation of Ground Forces



  • Captain Maikull Barron - Systems Command/Control Operator
  • Captain Linore
  • Commander Tyrstoc
  • Lieutenant Commander Mark-0

Following Field Tests of the Talos Junction Ground Shield Grid, an Operational Simulation was ran for officers to prepare themselves for an overwhelming force, in the event the shield’s were compromised or destroyed. A Mock-up of the Colony was generated, overrun by Klingon Forces. Not only were officers forced to engage the enemy at every turn, but secondary objectives were presented to officers, such as

  • Preventing Data Mining from Hostile Forces
  • Encountering and Performing Emergency Medical Treatment to Casualties
  • Identifying Command/Diplomatic Figures for Escort/Transport

Not only did this accurately portray the chaotic nature of combat, but evaluated the officers ability to handle high stress situations simultaneously. Even after managing to Hold back invaders, and complete all secondary objectives presented to them, a genetically modified Mugato was released at the end, to which the team was also able to subdue.

Recommend more Combat Simulations be performed under No-Win-Scenario conditions, to acclimate officers to adapt to failure and to the ruthlessness of our current enemies.

OOC Originally, we were going to play the Mission: Dranuur Beach Assault, but the Que time was taking WAAYYYY too long, so we ended up playing Mission: Colony Invasion, which surprisingly had A LOT going on (Fighting enemy forces, recovering/preventing data breaches, performing emergency medical care, and securing high-value targets.) Once again, special shout out to @Space_Monkey and @Moocher for joining!