AAR: Invasion (MU)

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ADM Perim, Neema

LOCATION Prime Universe. Itrin System.

MISSION Destroy the Itrin Empire.

OUTCOME Itrin ‘civilization’ was eradicated, but we discovered that they are not the great power in this universe that they were in our own. Instead, they were usurped by a power called the Confederacy of Azed. This confederacy is our new target. We have established a forward operating base from which to continue our invasion.


  • CAPT Varley, Lauren, ISS Saratoga
  • CAPT De Drowvani, Trellain, ISS Schaarnhorst
  • LCDR Stern, Ulrich, ISS Celeris
  • CMDR Grant, Serah
  • Thyzee

NARRATIVE The 38th Battlefleet assembled in the ruins of the Itrin System in our native universe. From here, designated vessels activated their interphasic rift generators and transported the entire fleet to the ‘Prime Universe’. We arrived in a very different Itrin System and discovered ourselves floating near some sort of commercial starbase, surrounded by lightly-armed civilian traffic.

Our only true opposition took the form of a single wormhole-powered defense squadron, which we easily overwhelmed, and a single Starfleet vessel which happened to be nearby. We initiated jamming procedures to prevent the Starfleet ship from warning its Federation of our arrival. It proceeded to attempt to defend the civilians and evacuate the station.

Of course, we made short work of the merchant traffic and obliterated the station itself with little difficulty. Starships listed above were assigned to pursue the Starfleet vessel, which then attempted to escape us, while the main force began systematic bombardment of the planet as planned.

The Itrin of this universe were truly pathetic, offering their surrender quickly. The bombardment continued until no lifesigns remained on the surface. The starfleet ship was destroyed as well. It is likely that the Federation received word of our invasion, though it was not quickly enough to interfere in this operation. Only a single ship, ISS Mengele, was lost this day.

As we did not meet the level of resistance expected, we captured an Itrin crew for additional information and launched a series of probes to map the current status of the Itrin Sector. The prime universe weaklings succumbed to the agony booths quickly and we learned all we needed to know: the true wormhole-utilizing power in this universe is the Confederacy of Azed, a group of lesser beings which overthrew the Itrin centuries in the past.

WIth our new objective known, we departed Itrin for location designated I-874. This system contains a dense asteroid field, providing a natural defense against long-range scans and cloaking devices. Our support crews quickly established a base of operations on a large asteroid, and our command and control units were transported down. From this location, we will refocus our efforts and continue the campaign.

Long live the Empire.

OOC Thanks all for attending this first event of the arc, and to @Maikull for being my sacrificial lamb!

The Fleet Dilithium Mine is now available for casual Terran RP throughout the arc. Have fun!