AAR: Investigation of Prime Directive Breach - Lambda Microscopii Gamma 214 - 4th Planet

Stardate 95112.38
CAPT Alundi, Nylassa
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Delta Volanis Cluster - Lambda Microscopii Gamma 214 - 4th Planet

MISSION: U.S.S. San Francisco - Investigate Potential Breach of Prime Directive

OUTCOME: Prime Directive does not appear to have been breached, with minimal damage done to the society of the planet. All unauthorised technology was returned.

CAPT Nylassa Alundi
LTCMDR Klaarna
LT Heath, Jason
CMDR Devlak


NARRATIVE: Two days ago, Starbase 18 had detected a nadion radiation burst emanating from the fourth planet of Lambda Microscopii Gamma 214, a known pre-warp civilisation. During the Iconian War, a Danube Runabout, the U.S.S. Thames had crash landed on the planet, approximately 3km from sentient life on the planet. The Runabout was reported destroyed by annihilation reaction, and both crew were confirmed rescued. To Starfleet's knowledge, no trace was left behind, and Starbase 18 was assigned as a long range observation post.

Upon arrival to Lambda Microscopii Gamma 214 IV, the San Francisco carried out scans, which confirmed the planet was roughly at a level of development comparative with Earth circa 18th or 19th century. Due to a heavy deposit of Kelbonite around the settlement, sensor and transporter locks were unreliable, meaning we were unable to beam the phaser or other potential items and had to take a shuttle to the planet. Luckily, a Romulan vessel was in the area, commanded by Commander Devlak, and offered assistance in the capacity of a cloaked shuttle, which we took to the surface. Due to limited preparation time, the away team were equipped with adapted holographic camouflages, in addition to the normal away gear of a phaser and tricorder.

Upon arrival to the planet, we made our way in the direction of nadion radiation, and found a small clearing with a lone member of the species, who identified himself as an Inquisitor. After an intense round of questioning, it was discovered that the area appeared to be undergoing something akin to a Witch hunt similar to those undertaken on the European continent of Earth around a similar period.

After our questioning, the Inquisitor had deduced we were not native to the area, and we had to improvise. I attempted to play deceit, to say we were acting on behalf of the Inquisitor's superiors while Commander Klaarna took a more direct approach to say we were from an entirely different region. The Commander's actions bore fruit and I commend her for her fast thinking. The Inquisitor carried out a Witch test, which involved a cut along the arm. Commander Klaarna agreed, and while on her body the holographic imager was able to disguise her blood as red, the blood on the blade itself retained a pink colour.

The Inquisitor mentioned that a Witch's blood would be green, to go along with their skin, with talk of a "Palisade" that fell from the sky two generations ago. Around 100 years ago, the Hromi Cluster would have been located within Orion space. It would appear an Orion vessel crash landed, killing most of the crew. The few that remained were hostile towards the native inhabitants and were branded as Witches. No trace of an Orion ship was detected from orbit, however.

The Inquisitor shared details of the Witch he was hunting, who carried a wand which could fire bright lights capable of turning a man into dust. Shortly thereafter, the "Witch" revealed herself, who looked little more than a late-teenager. She attempted to fire the phaser at myself, however after multiple uses at its highest settings, and the presence of Kelbonite deposits, the phaser was depleted of power. The woman surrendered and I confiscated the technology she had acquired, including; a Phaser, a Tricorder and an unmarked combadge. Logs indicated this equipment had been retrieved from the U.S.S. Thames.

The woman was turned over to the Inquisitor, who gave myself a medallion of the Emperor's favour. The away team left with all equipment in the cloaked shuttle.

RECOMMENDATION: The San Francisco will remain in orbit to continue monitoring of the planet to ensure contamination was successfully removed. Investigate medallion to get a clearer picture of the technological level of the culture and to investigate possible applications in later duckblind style missions should Starfleet feel the necessity to carry these out.

OOC: This was a bit of an experiment and incorporated a few people not from the fleet, in a more free-form style event.