AAR: Journey to Kassae

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ENS Riker, Michael

After Action Report

LOCATION Outskirts of Briar Patch, Beta Quadrant

MISSION Patrol the space from Deep Space Thirteen to Kassae and back

OUTCOME U.S.S Dallas rendevous with a ship floating adrift in space.

-Captain Alex Holmes
-Lieutenant Junior Grade Naderi
-Lieutenant Junior Grade Ra-Zaea’a
-Lieutenant Commander Nicholas Loxton
-Ensign Michael Riker


The U.S.S Dallas departed the station and headed for the Kassae sector en route, the bridge detected a civilian in a decaying orbit around a highly geoactive Class B planet. Around the same time, multiple reports from Deck 4 began reaching the bridge that all replicators seemed to be down. Ensign Riker dispatched a crew to get that issue solved while Lt. Nader and Ra-Zaea’a began scanning the science vessel in an effort to see how the Dallas could be of assistance. The sweeps didn’t detect any foul play but the ship was without power entirely, Captain Holmes ordered this officer to stand by with tractor beams and lock onto the drifting vessel. Once we were within range, this officer was ordered to engage tractor beams.
Around this time we were hailed from the vessel and a healthy human appeared on screen though she didn’t talk, only nodded and the words ‘Needs Rescue’ appeared on the screen. Feeling something was off, The Dallas was put under Yellow alert while receiving another hail, this time from the surface of the planet.
Captain Holmes identifies herself as another woman who appears on the main screen of the bridge, and upon doing so, the woman appeared to be quite shocked. Whether it was because it was another human or because it was a Starfleet vessel remains a question to be answered. Once more nothing was stated but the woman did seem to take a local transporter.
Finally after much speculation on the bridge, the woman reappears and introduces herself as Dr. Gardner while the ship that had been powerless suddenly resumes full power. The Doctor apologizes and states her research is in a new phase and requests we remove the tractor beams. A request which Captain Holmes grants but also orders this officer to maintain a lock and to monitor their warp core should they try to run, now being rather suspicious of the vessel and her crew.
The doctor sends over all documents to her research to be reviewed, and after doing so Lt. Naderi saw no reason to continue holding the crew of the ship. An opinion that once again Captain Holmes agreed with. With no other cause to continue holding them, the U.S.S Dallas broke contact with the science vessel with copies of the research documents and continued on their mission

RECOMMENDATION This officer believes that future contact with this vessel may be common given its relative closeness to the station. I recommend should any make contact aid be offered and be on the lookout for anything suspicious but it is this officer’s opinion that the vessel is not a threat.

RECOGNITION All officers performed their duties in accordance with Starfleet standards, however I must commend Lieutenant Naderi for her actions on her first mission with the U.S.S Dallas and look forward to working with the new Chief of Medicine on board in the future.

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LTJG Vehl, Naderi

ADDENDUM This addendum serves as a log for future encounters with the vessel belonging to Dr. Gardner. While the strangeness of the interactions with the members on board the vessel and Dr. Gardner herself caused there to be some initial confusion, this officer believes that there is cause for futher investigation if any ship of the task force is to come across the aforementioned vessel. Initial scans indicated that there was one life form on the ship and one on the planet, but later signs indicated that there was only one life form, Dr. Gardner, aboard the vessel.

Under normal circumstances, this would indicate that the initial figure the crew of the Dallas had seen on Dr. Gardner’s vessel had simply passed away. However, there is another potential explanation. Dr. Gardner sent over her research to the Dallas during our routine interrogation of the vessel, and while reviewing the documentation, this officer discovered some links to high level necrotic tissue regeneration. In essence, Dr. Gardner may be attempting to use some sort of compound native to the planet she was initially on in an attempt to resurrect dead tissue.

This officer theorized that Dr. Gardner may be attempting to carry out her “new phase” of research on test subjects. Scans revealed several internal power sources that may be some form of cryo-storage, perhaps for deceased bodies. If this theory is true, then Dr. Gardner may be actively attempting some form of resurrection on these individuals. The secrecy in which her tests were being carried out, and the nature of the experiments themselves, leads to considerable scrutiny on the ethics of the tests, and whether or not they were cleared by Starfleet.

RECOMMENDATION Should future contact arise with Dr. Gardner’s vessel, further scans and investigation should be carried out. Additionally, contact should be made with the Starfleet Board of Medicine and Ethics Committee to gain insight on whether or not Dr. Gardner’s experiments were made clear, and whether or not they were given clearance. Should they prove to be illegal and unethical in the manner this officer suspects they are, she should be brought back to Deep Space 13 to be held for criminal charges.