AAR: Keeping the Peace

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CAPT Morton, Coby

LOCATION Tower Keep System, Kelterre Sector

MISSION Investigate reports of contraband smuggling.

OUTCOME Primary objective to locate evidence of Terran technology possession and smuggling failed, potential evidence of external related contraband possession for further investigation discovered.


  • CAPT Cochrane, Rachel
  • CAPT De Drowvani Nimitz, Trellain
  • CAPT Mirazuni, Ayesha
  • CAPT Morton, Coby

NARRATIVE At 2100 hours the USS October rendezvoused with USS Endeavour and USS Scharnhorst inside the Tower Keep System. Captain De Drowvani Nimitz and myself beamed aboard USS Endeavour to meet with Captain Mirazuni for her follow-up briefing concluding sent orders from command. While limited, the information provided stated the potential for Terran technology trafficking taking place aboard a local space station- a station that appears to already possess some sort of reputation for nefarious goods.

This investigation was considered to be of the show-of-force type, with three vessels already within the system it was decided that the three of us should board the space station in uniform and conduct a formal, open investigation.

Upon beaming into a marketplace the immediate apparent wariness of the local populace was obvious, audio was to a minimal and it became quite clear that our arrival was met with severe trepidation. As an effort to break this, it was thought best to investigate separately and as such Captain De Drowvani Nimitz and Captain Mirazuni each took a flank.

The Scharnhorst’s captain initiated wide field scans, heading further through the marketplace in effort to locate any potential underground facilities. These yielded no traces of Terran technology, be it weaponry or otherwise.

During this I approached a local vendor, my desire to learn further required somewhat of an informal approach regardless of the uniform, and began asking the stalls vendor for information on where someone might be able to locate vessel parts, alluding to the desire for the less acquirable items on my cover list. Initially a fraction reluctant, the vendor advised me to research further into the shipyards for ‘bigger’ purchases and pointed me in the direction of a separate vendor who might’ve been able to assist me further. In review, I don’t believe this lead will turn up anything out of the ordinary.

Captain Cochrane and the USS Wasp had arrived on the scene at this point, to which she also began to conduct her own investigation, starting with the bar area of the market.

At this point Captain Mirazuni approached me, covertly advising me that the vendor I’d just spoken with had a phaser trained on me. Without reacting we removed ourselves from the area and proceeded to regroup within the central plaza of the market. There was no apparent hostile intention, though the atmosphere was dark and it was obvious each resident within this district were too anxious to openly speak with outsiders, to which the uniforms likely had no assistance in quelling.

Captain De Drowvani Nimitz approached us as we all regrouped, stating she had a similar experience and the potential of a lead following the trading of some currency and a request to check back to a vendors stock of torpedoes. Once again in review, I don’t believe this lead will result in Terran technology.

Following a debriefing, the USS October left the system and handed over any further investigation to the Endeavour, to which will return to the necessary body. We standby to offer any additional assistance where needed, however don’t believe the USS October’s tactical presence will aid in any further investigation due to the current morale of residents.

RECOMMENDATION Further investigation should be considered, a small team of non-uniformed officers aboard a small vessel will likely have a much greater chance of success- I also suggest investigating the claims of Terran technology themselves as to gain a better understanding of how to gain access to any potential underground vendors. Again, it’s my opinion this should be under guise.

Unrelated to primary objective the nature of the smuggling aboard this station could provide dangerous and should be treated as such as other contraband operations, with care and attention paid to the delicate nature of the sector where possible.

I’m alarmed that the acquisition of modified Starfleet-Issue torpedoes, to that of a higher yield, are readily accessible and their source should be uncovered.

Concluding, while potentially not, it’s my opinion that officers involved in this operation so far will have been discussed among local residents and perhaps, should they be involved further, proceed with caution as their identities could jeopardise ​any covert investigation if and when it proves necessary to continue.