AAR: Klingon vessel distress call

Stardate 95817.0
CAPT S. Bishop
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Gika System, Aldebaran Sector.

MISSION: Response to distress call.

OUTCOME: Damaged Klingon vessel located. Repair crews deployed to assist.


CAPT S. Bishop (U.S.S. Endeavour)

NARRATIVE: The Endeavour was in orbit around Besvar IV when we received a general distress call. Deploying the Bark to remain in orbit, the Endeavour warped to come to the assistance. The distress call from a Klingon ship, that was close to a core breach. We quickly initiated plans for evacuation, whilst deploying engineering teams to stabilise the warp core. The warp core was eventually stabilised. Information from the Klingon ship indicated that they were attacked by a "starfleet vessel". Scans of the area could not detect any vessels in the vicinity, though there was a warp trail. We were unable to track the trail further than a few hundred lightyears, and, making sure that the Klingon vessel was secure, returned to the Besvar system.

RECOMMENDATION: With the issues occurring the Besvar system, I was unable to pursue this further, though I recommend that all ships keep an eye out for further attacks. Hopefully, this was just a one-off attack, though it could be linked with the MACO attacks on Starfleet vessels. I recommend that we question James Harrison, the MACO leader about this attack.

OOC: What happened when Sam disappeared from the Stormy Weather Event!