AAR: Missing Medical Supplies

TO: Khre'Enriov Tokkra tr'Rehu
CC: Vice Admiral Rilem Celes,
FROM: Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
SUBJECT: Missing Colony Supplies


You honor me with reading my message that is to come. Yesterday there was a minor case of intrigue on a small Republic colony that is yet to be named. The federation had received information about missing medical supplies and enlisted help of our intelligence sources. As per normal our intelligence forces quickly found the location of the medical equipment to be this colony.

As appointed Romulan representative for this particular investigation, I joined Ensign running bear on a small operation to find and retrieve said medical equipment. On the ground we had met up with a Centurion that was most eager to assist us. With the help of this Centurion Movius we had subsequently found the missing supplies, stored them in a safe location and the Centurion now awaits for a constable to retrieve them from his eager hands. I suggest you commend the Centurion for his hard work.

PS I advise a small name training for Esign Runningbear. His pronunciation on my name is rather awful.


Erei'Riov Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae
Commander Officer R.R.W. Caelis
Republic Federation Detachment
Deep Space 13 - 38th Fleet 'Argo'