AAR: Mission to Ragesh

Stardate: 93538AAR: Mission to RageshReport Submitted: CAPT. Nimitz, A.H.Classification Level: Level 2: Confidential

The mission to Ragesh started as an invitation from the Governor t'Kuro of Terix, to aid in the first manned mission to the planet Ragesh. Ragesh was being under consideration by the Senate of Terix to be annexed for farmland. The Governor laid out restrictions on the away team's armaments, limiting the Starfleet officers to only one handheld phaser, and leaving the Republic Offices disarmed, I gave a strong protest to these limitations, but agreed to comply.

The Terix warbird Saragrade took the team consisting of Admiral Perim, Captain Kawamori, Myself, Commanders sh'Zarath and Konieczko, erei'Arrain i'Rhynne and T'lhoell, as well as Governor R'kal t'Kuro and two Security officers from the Terix military to guard the two Republic erei'Arrains. Spliting up into two teams, Commander sh'Zarath, erei'Arrain i'Rhynne, his Terix guard, and myself went to look for a source of water.

While we were looking for water, erei'Arrian i'Rhynne had the warbird Saragrade conduct a scan, and it picked up a structure nearby, and our team went to check it out. We discovered the structure was a man made cavern, and we went inside. While inside we were confronted by a local native who demanded to know who we were, fearing a potential Prime Directive violation, we did our best to explain we were not demons, however the native then assumed we were something known as the 'Ilandians', and then began to try and get us to join him back to his town.

After convincing him to let us finish paying our respect inside what turned out to be a sacred cave, he started to lead us out, when we rejoined the other team, who apparently had been trying to contact us. Upon regrouping, we decided to go to the Native, who's name we learned to be Trogar, Knight of Ribcage Vale.

We soon found that we could not communicate with the Saragrade. However, thanks to Captain Kawamori's engineering skills, our team was able to message the Saragrade to beam us up and prepare a shuttle to go to Trogar's hometown.

Landing the shuttle just outside the town, our team, minus erei'Arrian i'Rhynne who stayed behind to guard the shuttle, moved into the town. Walking in on foot, we stopped for direction from a blacksmith, which lead us to talking to the 'Lord' of the Ribcage Vale, directing the team towards the Wizard to learn more about the history of the holograms in the library.

To start, the team was welcomed into the library and the Wizard seemed interested in helping us learn more of their history, and we were lead deeper until we were left to look around a bridge. For a few minutes, things were clam enough, until the Wizard returned with troops armed with crossbows.

The Wizard then reviled that he knew that we were not 'Ilandians', but imposers, as such, the Lord had ordered us to be killed. Admiral Perim attempted to reason with the Wizard, however, he told us that he was unable to do anything and had the troops fire their crossbow bolts at the away team, Admiral Perim, Governor t'Kuro, and Commander Konieczko were hit, thanks to the quick action of erei'Arrain T'lhoell most of the bolts were able to phase though the rest of the away team. Taking action, I responded by firing at the troops with a wide beam phaser shot that had been programmed with a frequency to disrupt the holograms.

The Shuttle was then called to evacuate us from the area, while Commander Konieczko laid down covering fire on more troops that were approaching, the team loaded onto the shuttle where we put the Admiral under stasis to await treatment back on DS13.

Officers Involved:
RDML Perim
CAPT Kawamori
CAPT A. Nimitz
CMDR M. Konieczko
CMDR sh'Zarath
erei'Arrain i'Rhynne
erei'Arrain T'lhoell
GOV t'Kuro

Captain Alistair Nimitz
Captain/USS Rutledge
Stardate 93544.9
Sublieutenant Shiarrael t’Lhoell, Deep Space 13 Hydroponics
Level 2 (Confidential)

LOCATION: Ragesh, Near the Xarantine Sector, Beta Quadrant

MISSION: We were sent by command at the invitation of R'kal t'Kuro Governor of the Vetruvis Province, Terix II, to survey the planet Ragesh in order to assist Terix II to ascertain the viability of the planet as an agricultural colony.

OUTCOME: While we were able to bring back a number of excellent plant and soil samples for study, the natives turned out to be hostile to our presence and attacked us.

RDML Neema Perim
CAPT Tadashi Kawamori
CAPT Alistair Nimitz
CMDR Mathilda Konieczko
CMDR Tellara sh'Zarath
SUBLT Aev i'Rhynne
SUBLT Shiarrael t’Lhoell
GOV R'kal t'Kuro

DISCUSSION: We found a number of native food producing flora as well as indigenous fauna. The ecology of the planet was extremely balanced and healthy. While collating the gathered botanical and agronomical data, I found the footprint of a deadly virus that had once infected and killed off the planet’s food-producing flora. I also found evidence of genetic manipulation of the same flora that could only have been accomplished by a highly advanced culture that enabled the surviving plants to become resistant to the virus.

Attached you will also find the tricorder readings taken of the immense underground holographic projector that contained the surviving minds of the planet’s native population. We believe the holographic projector was activated when Team One entered a cavern near the shuttle’s landing site. The natives that we met claimed that a people with a culture much more advanced than they were saved them hundreds of years ago. They called this advanced civilization the Illandians. Please note – the native flora and fauna were not holographic, only the buildings and sentient beings were holographic.

RECOMMENDATION: I recommend that a warning buoy be placed near Ragesh to warn off anyone that approaches. I also recommend Terix II not colonize the planet. I believe that their food shortages can be resolved in a much more peaceful manner with knowledge and technology that both the Federation and Republic have. It is possible to genetically manipulate Andorian food producing flora to flourish on Terix II.

//Attachment: Readout spreadsheet from Tricorder 45DS13HRI

OOC: I’m sorry but I did not get a log of this event, and cannot remember the name of Brex’s Science officer who was present for a short time. This event was run by Osi and was a lot of fun. Edit -- Thanks Brex for the name!