AAR: Moldy Leakage Phenomenon (MU)

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CAPT. Konieczko, D.

After Action Report

LOCATION Engineering Deck, Battle Station Argo

MISSION Routine pre-presentation maintenance.

OUTCOME A slave revolt occurred and was rapidly quelled. No one of any import was injured.


  • CAPT. Konieczko, D.
  • LCDR. Mercer, O.


  • LCDR. Valore, S.
  • LT. Izly, J.
  • Small female laborer
  • Other knife ear.
  • Weird broken creature
  • Tall strong laborer

NARRATIVE In preparation for Admiral Perim’s arrival, routine cleansing of the Battle Station’s various decks was conducted. One of the more unruly labor teams took the opportunity of being armed with their cleaning instruments to stage a minor revolt. This was quickly quashed by simply removing the oxygen from the deck.

A labor team was then dispatched to clean up the remains.

RECOMMENDATION Additional breaking in of the labor teams utilizing the agony booths will result in a weakened state and unconditional servitude.

RECOGNITION LCDR Mercer kept the labor team on task far more successfully than any taskmaster.

OOCThis report is 95% bullshit lmao. Shoutout to Kermit for GMing and being small female laborer, Mossic Khet for being Tall strong laborer, Thyzee for being weird broken creature and Veneela for being Other knife ear. Hopefully I got you all, I know I had to bail a couple of times in there.

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LCDR Valore, S.

LOCATION Engineering Deck, Battle Station 13

MISSION Remove or neutralize anomalous ‘goo’ from BS13 Engineering Deck.

OUTCOME Anomaly successfully purged via Captain Konieczko’s ordered vent of Engineering.


  • CAPT Konieczko D.
  • LCDR Mercer, O.
  • LCDR Valore, S.
  • LT Izly, J.
  • Unnamed SAVAD

Note: Several laborers also engaged in rectification, but have been excluded on the basis that material is inherently not personnel.

NARRATIVE An outbreak of an unknown yet unsanitary substance of ‘goo’ had broken out in Engineering, appearing out of the vents. Initial course of action was to have disposable laborers clean the substance from ventilation with the direction of our psionics expert. It became problematic when rectification efforts only resulted in more of the substance exiting the vents at a faster speed, implying that it was somehow either biological in nature or reacts strongly to either psionics or technology.

In an effort to stem the cause at its source, this officer ordered LT Izly to accompany her into the maintenance shafts towards Main Engineering. Oddly in our transit, none of the substance was present in the shaft dedicated for personnel, but only ventilation. We encountered no difficulty in arriving at main engineering.

This officer ordered LT Izly to assume the engineering controls whilst I comm’d CAPT Konieczko. Our plan originally was to shut off life support and starve out the substance, but the CAPT desired to engage in venting the deck instead. Effective, though more costly, this officer had LT Izly follow through with the order once protective equipment had been distributed. This officer also suggested that personnel and sentient resources be evacuated first to reduce costs of lost labor, though the CAPT did not mention anything in his response regarding ventilation.

Following successful ventilation for five minutes, life support was reinstated. No organic substance was detected in our immediate vicinity following the procedure. However, upon returning, this officer did notice a substantial loss in sentient material littering the floors.


  1. Utilize supervised sentient resource labor in removing the remnants of the substance from ventilation.

  2. Utilize supervised sentient resource labor in removing corpses from the deck.

  3. Send remaining samples to Science and Medical to deduce origin, composition, and potential weaponization of the substance.

  4. Revise security procedures. This officer noticed a weapons merchant on the deck during cleanup.

RECOGNITION This officer commends LT Izly for her swift response to orders, communication, and directed action taken. Her presence made this officer’s task easier to accomplish.

Note This officer is dedicated to ensuring Her Excellency, Admiral Perim, receives accurate and useful reports of the ongoing operations of the fleet. Political Branch is ready to serve. For the Empire and His Imperial Majesty.

OOC This is more like 20% BS as a follow-up to Konie’s report. Any details excluded, Valore was either not physically present for or chose purposefully to exclude.