AAR: Removal of the brain parasite from CMDR Keth

Stardate: 92496
To: CMDR Lindresko, CAPT Perim
CC: CAPT Buchanan, CMDR Helstone, SCDR Aurelia
From: LTJG Caelia Bida
Subject: Removal of the brain parasite from CMDR Keth

When I arrived to the medical ward, Doctor Beckett and LCDR Alina Mandra were already in the process of determining how to extract the parasite. I offered my assistance in the matter.

Our first attempt to remove the parasite involved flooding CMDR Keth's system with poison. Being Vorta, the poison would not cause any harm to CMDR Keth, only the parasite. While the poison did have some effect (by killing some of the parasites eggs) the parasite itself however was not harmed. It merely responded by causing further pain and damage to CMDR Keth.

It became apparent that we had to move fast as the damage caused to CMDR Keth's brain could become challenging to repair and in worst case; become fatal. Another suggestion, perhaps a morbid one seen from a doctor’s perspective, was put on the table, simply to let CMDR Keth die. Due to the fat that CMDR Keth is a Vorta, it is known that they tend to clone themselves. But since Starfleet has denied CMDR Keth more clones, it was not an option.

Our second attempt involved LCDR Alina Mandra programming nanites to directly attack the parasite and remaining eggs. The eggs were killed but the parasite still managed to survive the nanites. Again the parasite responded by causing further harm to CMDR Keth.

It was Doctor Beckett who found the ultimate solution, suggesting that CMDR Keth simply asked the parasite to leave her body. While it may sound far-fetched, it was exactly what CMDR Keth did. The parasite moved from CMDR Keth's brain and down into the spinal cord, from where CMDR Keth could not get it to move away from. Doctor Beckett sedated CMDR Keth and removed the parasite.

The parasite is now safely contained and CMDR Keth is curently resting. Any lingering damage to CMDR Keth’s systems remains to be seen.


Caelia Bida
Medical Deparment, DS 13