AAR: Request for a Science/Medical Team at Talos Junction

Stardate 94018.8
CMDR A. Judur
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Talos Junction

MISSION: Ascertain why the crew station at the Talos Junction were turning green.

OUTCOME: Bacteria found in the water altered the chemical composition of the cells in the skin, turning the pigmentation green. Subjects with low levels of melanin in their skin were more affected by the bacteria.

CMDR Artrin Judur
CMDR Alina Mandra
LCDR Kit Tyenne
LCDR Keri Verlin
SUBLT Shiarrael t'Lhoell
ENS Katherin Yalul

LT Bersua

NARRATIVE: Upon arrival, LCDR Tyenne showed us visual records of several members of the crew over their time at the station. It was immediately obvious that several of these crew members had grown gradually greener over time. In some of the crew, such as LCDR Tyenne, this change was negligible but in others, such as LT Bersua the change in colour was very noticeable. The team immediately got to work assessing the situation.

The first priority was to assess how widespread this incident was; whether it affected all visitors to the Talos Junction or whether it just affected the crew permanently stationed at the Junction. The team concluded that the incident was just local to the permanently stationed crew. From this, the team decided to start eliminating possibilities as to what the cause may be; air, solar radiation and exposure, medical and food causes were quickly eliminated in this way. The next cause on the list was the water; some sample collecting and analysis from SUBLT Shiarrael and ENS Yalul revealed that the water contained a bacteria that was green, absorbing all incoming red and blue light. Follow up scans revealed that the bacteria were found in all of the crew members who had drunk the water on the station.

Meanwhile, CMDR Judur requested to take some skin samples from the crew members to further analyse the cause of the altered pigmentation. He took a sample from a Bajoran, LT Bersua. Analysis of these samples showed that there was a large amount of the green bacteria in the LT's cells, more than the melanin levels, causing the cell to show up green. A further skin sample taken from LCDR Tyenne showed that, although she too was infected with the green bacteria, the high amount of melanin in her cells effectively limited the infection of the green bacteria.

With the information collated, the team now knew the cause of the incident. The problem facing the team now was how to prevent and cure the breakout. A solution was to place a temporary filter into the water systems to filter out the bacteria, with a request for a more permanent filter filed in with DS 13. Furthermore, the team recommended that the infected personnel take antibacterial medication to counter the effects of the bacteria.

RECOMMENDATION: As mentioned above, there is a need for more permanent filtration system to filter out the green bacteria. A round of antibacterial medication is also needed for the infected crew members, although this needs to be monitored to prevent further problems arising in the future.

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