AAR: Rescue of Civilians from Stellar Storm

Stardate 94457.5
CAPT Alundi, Nylassa
Level 1 - Open

LOCATION: Approximately 3 parsecs from Sector Alpha-7190
MISSION: Respond to distress call, rescue civilian freighter caught in unusual stellar storm.
OUTCOME: Loss of civilian vessel, 28 survivors, crew manifest not yet attained. Minor damage to U.S.S. San Francisco
CAPT Nylassa Alundi
CMDR Koriya Trizar
LT Eric Anders
ENS Jason Heath
CDT Mivek Tonorr
NARRATIVE: At 21:00 shipboard time, the U.S.S. San Francisco intercepted a distress call from a stricken civilian ship. In the same vicinity a severe stellar storm was detected. The San Francisco warped to investigate and render aid if possible, however the vessel had drifted deep into the stellar storm.

The storm itself was comprised of plasmatic dark matter, and was exerting high forces on the stricken vessel, whose systems were rapidly failing. The San Francisco was struck by a storm front, along the dorsal aft, causing severe damage to the EPS conduits in the Stardrive section, and reducing shields to 15%, some minor buckling was also detected along the outer extremities of the hull, though nothing equating a hull breach.

Our helmsman was able to successfully dodge the second front entirely, allowing our shields to regenerate, and allowing us the time to formulate a plan of rescue.

Commander Trizar believed that she would be able to emit a wave which would depress the excitement of the dark matter, the downside of this plan was that it would cause subsequent fronts to be significantly more energetic as they back filled very quickly. Despite the risks, I believed this was the best course of action and initiated the plan.

The San Francisco initiated a micro-warp burst of Warp 1 for 0.8 seconds, aiming directly for the stricken vessel in an attempt to tractor it free, our initial attempts failed, and a second attempt placed us closer, however in danger of being consumed by the storm as well. The decision was made to abandon the vessel, and focus our efforts on saving the crew, we were able to get to within transporter range and rescue as many survivors as possible. We then proceeded out of the storm at Warp 9.
RECOMMENDATION: Investigate the unusual storm activity in the region of Sector Alpha-7190 in case this type of activity is frequent, it may cause havoc with both civilian and Starfleet traffic alike. If no way to manage the storm activity can be found, I believe we would be best served placing warning beacons along the areas likely to be affected.

OOC: This was a hastily planned/impromptu pilot event that we had a bit of a mess setting up. It's our hope that future such events can be more open, and better planned (with people knowing about the event before the second it starts!