AAR: Resistance

Stardate 94939.5
CAPT Morton, Coby
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: 6750 Hydrae, Ba'aja Sector.

MISSION: The U.S.S. Endeavour picked up an unusual signal that was emitted from a system deep in the Ba'aja Sector.
Captain Bishop headed a team to investigate the possible origin and purpose.

OUTCOME: A number of Borg drones, as well as Borg vessels, were detected and engaged in orbit above 6750 Hydrae, Ba'aja Sector.

CAPT Bishop
CAPT Nimitz
CAPT Derix
CAPT Morton

CAPT Amburg-Lars
LCDR Laski
LT Visynth
LTJ Muirgen
ENS White

NARRATIVE: I was a guest aboard Captain Bishop’s vessel, Endeavour, having an informal inspection of the vessel for comparison purposes when the vessel detected an unknown signal traced deep into the Ba’aja Sector. Captain Bishop headed a small Task Force into the origin of the anomalous reading with vessels Akagi, Kassandra, Saraswati and Melqart. I’d begun making my way from engineering to the bridge as soon as I’d heard word we’d arrived on course, passing Lieutenant Visynth as they made their own way to Engineering. From my initial perception of the bridge it became apparent that the Endeavour had lost contact with the other vessels within the Task Force due to heavy interference, however vessel sensors and further equipment was still fully operational. Regardless of the diagnostics to communication systems, the Saraswati began blinking her running lights, transmitting a positive status. The other vessels within the task force followed suit and we had established basic communication.

It was decided the task force evacuate the area of interference and the vessels regroup and re-establish standard comms. The Kassandra launched a Class 4 Probe just prior, and the vessels task force soon regrouped outside of the system. Kassandra's probe managed to localise the source of the interference, pinpointing it towards the second planet within the system. With holo-communication restored between ships, Captain Bishop, myself and the other commanders with a presence on the bridge discussed possible movement forward and it was suggested by Captain Nimitz we take a shuttle in to further investigate the planet. As an evolution of the plan, Captain Bishop authorised the use of the Endeavour's auxiliary support craft Bark to be launched.

Caution was heavily advised by Captain Derix due to the planet being discovered to be of M-Class with life forms present, as well as changing mission parameters appropriate where concerning possible Prime Directive breach.

Aboard the Bark a brief discussion was held to ponder the situation. I'd suggested the possibility of the interference being related to some form of defense mechanism, while other suggestions of a similar nature were considered equally. Captain Bishop was to stay behind aboard the Endeavour and asked me to lead the away mission aboard the [/i]Bark[/i], however I felt in the current situation that Captain Nimitz might have been a more sound choice, and allowed him to take the center chair as he had his own vessel deployed. Captain Amburg-Lars also remained aboard his vessel with the Endeavour in vicinity as rear support.

Captain Derix detected three more possible areas of interest, similar readings were coming from two objects appearing to orbit the planet - with a further object within the local asteroid field. It was, however, discovered that the communication's interference was definitely emanating from the planet.

Captain Nimitz ordered our launch once we'd been cleared by the Endeavour and we were quickly underway towards the planet. As soon as we reached the threshold, communications were unsurprisingly cut off once again. We were on our own from this point forward.

While Captain Nimitz and Lieutenant Muirgen were discussing possible landing zones, Captain Draz suddenly discovered alarming readings of Borg energy signatures. While a Red Alert was immediately called, Lieutenant Commander Laski began scanning for Borg vessels within the system, but found no trace. We were still some distance from the planet and it was suggested we attempt to remain undetected, lowering our signature to the minimum. With the interference, we didn't take the scanners by word, and proceeded with extreme caution. We managed to receive a communication from Captain Bishop, requesting us to return. I was a little uneasy ignoring the Captain's request, but under the circumstances I believe we had to go with our gut to investigate further.

Lieutenant Muirgen prepped the vessel for landing and took us down to the surface. The Bark sustained minimal damage from a minor landing incident. The Lieutenant reported one of the port aft dorsal retro-booster's had a sticky actuator. Always a nuisance, those.

We received a hail from the surface, a member of an amphibian race was on-screen. Assimilated, they opened the conversation by exclaiming that we should vacate the system immediately, stating we should run. Captain Nimitz tried to wish for further details, asking about the Borg, the interference coming from the surface, but the Captain was only able to obtain some minor information before what appeared to be a Borg drone breaking into the room of the amphibian- the feed was cut quickly. What were able to get from the individual, was what follows.

Spoiler: Transcript of survivor conversationShow
CAPT A. NIMITZ: We are from the United Federation of Planets, we are here to help.. are the Borg a threat to us?
AMPHIBIAN: You...Federation? The same Federation of Wolf 359?
CAPT A. NIMITZ: That was almost fifty years ago, but yes, the Borg collective has since been all but destroyed now.
AMPHIBIAN: They came. We tried to fight them. We fired the Array!
CAPT A. NIMITZ: The array, it's to keep the borg from contact other Borg?
AMPHIBIAN: Yes! To prevent them from contacting everyone else. It... destroyed everything we worked for...
CAPT A. NIMITZ: How long have the Borg been present on this planet?
AMPHIBIAN: A few days? When we learnt of their goals, we fired the array...They've enslaved us all! - - - They're here!

It was during this conversation that a group of land vehicles were detected heading for the [bark[/i], we attempted to get a transporter lock on the individual and any other non-Borg life signs however we were unsuccessful. Captain Nimitz quickly ordered the take off of the ship and we began our voyage back to Endeavour. Before leaving the system, it was discovered an array of Borg vessels, or atleast Borg-assimilated victims, were taking off from the planets surface. I was confused how these were able to be hidden from our sensors at such a range, but with the heavy interference we didn't have time to question it. We engaged the vessels, with Endeavour arriving soon to take off the remainder of the attacking Borg.

Spoiler: Before returning to the task force, we managed to get a detailed close up look at one of the satellites orbiting the planetShow

RECOMMENDATION: We've alerted Task Force Omega to the Borg presence and I'm to believe they are already enroute and setting up an exclusion zone. It's to be noted that command should keep an eye on the situation, Task Force Omega have expressed their interest in keeping us informed of the operation and may request further support from the 38th Fleet.

OOC: This is my first AAR in a looooong time, and I'm sure I've missed some details out so please shoot me a PM and I'll make those edits ASAP! Sorry in advance. Thanks so much to Sam for running the event, can't wait for the next one, was a great bit of fun that got everyone involved.

Stardate 94944.9
CAPT S. Bishop
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: 6750 Hydrae, Ba'aja Sector.

MISSION: Identify source of mysterious signal and reasons for communication failures.

OUTCOME: Mysterious signal was emitted from an "array" causing a subspace distortion around the system.

CAPT Samuel Bishop (USS Endeavour)
CAPT David Amburg-Larz (USS Melqart)

CMDR Six of Nine (USS Kassandra)


After the USS Bark departed back into the system, as outlined in Captain Morton's report, I ordered the USS Kassandra to deploy their cloaking device and renter the system to gain further data for our studies. The USS Endeavour and the USS Melqart then began to see why communications were severed. Scans into the region detected what looked like "missing space" in the region compared to other areas. Whilst we were unable to ascertain the reason at the time, after careful analysis of the scans, we discovered the presence of a particle, affectionately dubbed the "Larz Particle", which was causing severe subspace distortions. The distortions caused the particles to absorb any wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, which further explains why data transmitted by radio frequencies also failed. It was at this stage when the probe sent by the USS Kassandra was received, informing us of the Borg attack on the Bark. The Endeavour warped back into the system to assist the Kassandra and the Bark. With the mission parameters complete, we deployed long-range probes on the outskirts of the system to alert us of further activity by the Borg in the area and to serve as a warning to passing ships.

The USS Kassandra managed to also to gather more data about the system, which has been listed in this report.

RECOMMENDATION: Firstly, the USS Melqart is working on a probe that can be deployed into the system to combat the subspace distortion so that ships moving into the system are able to communicate with other vessels. I wish to raise an open question; if the aim was to sever the connection to the Borg Collective, then why did the Borg not simply leave the system, as we did, where communications work?

Our second goal is to gain more information about the Borg presence. Both Captain Quint and I have faced several encounters with the Borg over the last few months (see AAR.Caribbean and AAR.Wargames), though none have revealed the true intent of the Borg in this sector, nor do they align with known Borg movements. I propose a small force of MACO and Intelligence officers be deployed onto the surface to link up with this "Amphibious" race, who seem willing to assist us in combatting the Borg. If nothing, it will help us to understand what the three devices are for, and to inform us on how to disable them before the Borg are able to adapt them to their plans.

Finally, the signs of the Federation vessel on the planet are worrying to say the least. Following the capture and questioning of Henry Hawkins after the destruction of the S.S. Caribbean, Captain Quint had it on good authority that the Federation vessel that Mr Hawkins saw matched the description of the "USS Endeavour", that went missing along with Fleet Admiral Sebastian Bishop. Whilst we were unable to get a visual record, it would not be amiss to believe that the Federation ship on the planet was the same ship that Mr Hawkins described to us.

The Endeavour will continue to keep an eye on the developments of the planet.


Stardate 94977.6
CAPT Amburg-Larz, David Kriss
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: U.S.S. Melqart, Astrophysics Laboratory

MISSION: As recommended, the Melqart proceeded with a study of the "Larz-Particle" behavior to find a way to surpass it.

OUTCOME: Found a way to partial overcome the jam created from the Larz-Particle and to communicate, at least with minimum interference, between the two side of the field.


CAPT. Amburg-Larz
CMDR. Larson

NARRATIVE:In the indicated stardate, a team composed by me and CMDR. Larson met in one of the astrophysics laboratory of the USS Melqart, to study deeper the work of the so-called "Larz Particle" and his behavior. In particular, his capacity to create subspace distortion around itself and the capacity of jam all the known communication bands.

It was discovered that the Larz-P is able to transfer energy from incoming electrons, orbiting around the particles of incoming communication fluxes, and modify the trajectory and the orbit of its electrons to match the one coming, creating parallel orbits which create the jam we discovered previously. It is still unknown the exact process which enables the Larz-P to match and transfer energy. Further analysis of the process allowed us to extrapolate a simple Feynman diagram:

Spoiler: Feynman diagramShow

It is possible to see how the electrons incoming are modified from the unknown transfer force, which change the charge of the electrons, modify the orbit and create the jam. It still unknown why that is possible and from where the transfer force find the energy necessary to the transfer. We can suppose that maybe a quantum transfer happens in the Larz-P which allow the latter to create the necessary passages.

In the simulation we stressed the Larz-P, to overcome the efficiency of the particle itself in match and pair the incoming electrons. We discovered that subspace communication, for example, are blocked from the nucleus of the particle and when it is tried to overcharge the nucleus itself, with more particles or with overcharged neutrinos flux, the particle explode, creating a subspace rift in the process.

Studying the behavior of the particle, it was possible to find out that small and medium frequencies, with increasing disturbances when the message get longer and more complicated, protected with a "shield" of accurately modulated quantity of neutrinos and quarks, can pass the shield. Longer message overcharge the nucleus of the Larz-P and start a chain reaction, which conduct to the just mentioned explosion.

RECOMMENDATION: Attached to this report there are all the data of this preliminary study on the Larz-Particle. It is possible to send short/medium length message from one side to another of the barrier around the planet, with of course a probable low quality of the message itself. The particle seems to don't respond well to attempt of overcharge, so is strictly suggested to avoid any test of this kind.

Despite that, it is necessary to study deeper the behavior of the particle in real space, outside the laboratory, to collect more data about that. The difficulties of overcome the jam and the strange behavior of the Borg Collective may suggest that even for them it is difficult to understand and assimilate such a technology. The particle itself seems, in some way, an excellent expedient to isolate specific ships and fleets of the Collective, but again, that is just a preliminary hypothesis.

The use of probes to carry messages between the divided areas of space seems a decent technique, for now, to avoid isolation. It is possible also to mount on a bridge of probes in the field, to make an eventual message bounce between them, protected with the mentioned method. That should grant a better quality and a less stress on the particles in the field, so minimizing the risk of incidents and explosions.

ATTACHED FILE: LarzParticleStudy.EncryptedLeve2.data

That's the AAR of the scientific study conducted by me and Larsons/Sam. I should have write everything and I hope it is understandable, despite I've difficult to understand too what I did exactly. For every question about what is written, just PM me. I will try to explain better.