AAR: Sabotage Investigation

Stardate 95049.5
Level 1 - Open


MISSION: Investigate destruction of independent small craft under claims of sabotage.

OUTCOME: Saboteur apprehended and transferred to local authority.


CAPT Naln (USS Opportunity)
CMDR Ryker
LCDR Keliaya
LCDR Eunbi
FLT Baelai
LTJG Finney
ENS Rivett
CDT Mitsuki

NARRATIVE: During our scheduled sector patrol, sensors detected a ship travelling nearby with anomalous readings showing a degrading instability in their warp field. Moving to intercept we were too distant to reach them before their field would collapse and so opened communications to warn them. The occupants were understandably aware but appeared unable to control the reaction. They stated that they had lost all engine and navigation control, citing sabotage shortly before the field collapsed.

We continued to their last known coordinates and found the ship's debris to be scattered over a large area consistent with what we witnessed. Further scans allowed us to trace their warp trail back to the nearby star system; NGC-37723, where long range sensors detected multiple vessels holding on the system's edge. Concluding all we could from the wreckage we moved to investigate the congregation of vessels, and made contact with the lead ship upon arrival to be greeted by a Daimon Prictor who proceeded to explain that his independent gambling house was hosting a regular sublight race event; to which we quickly confirmed the destroyed ship belonged to. Following a brief explanation of events, the Daimon was perfectly accommodating to our investigation; recognizing that the grave implications could be bad for business if unresolved, and so a small team was dispatched to the casino ship in order to conduct a more thorough investigation.

Upon arrival, our team was promptly joined by Captain Naln as the Opportunity arrived on scene shortly behind us, and they were presented with race and competitor information from the Daimon. The investigation ensued and ultimately found that a member of the Trill team - Mara - was indeed responsible for the sabotage owing to stiff competition from the destroyed ship's team. This was backed up with witness accounts attained from the Pakled team and further testimony from the Son'a; culminating in a confession of action though not intent as the stated goal was to only disqualify them from the competition, not destroy the ship or kill the team. The reason for the end result was later verified as an error of inexperience with coding of the programme override used to trigger the destroyed ship's warp drive.

RECOMMENDATION: The responsible saboteur has been taken into custody and transferred to the local authorities. Daimon Prictor expressed his sincere gratitude for the assistance rendered through the offer to provide marginally discounted passes to the next race event, which were politely declined. Given that our investigation also revealed evidence of cheating, I encouraged the Daimon to review his pre-race safety checks; that further incidents may be avoided. A final note of commendation in particular for Captain Naln and Flight Lieutenant Baelai; both demonstrating exceptional skill in handling a potentially delicate criminal investigation whilst maintaining the highest of Starfleet standards in their conduct.


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OOC: This is from the Valley Forge episode: "Speeding Pt.I & II". If I've unintentionally misrepresented your character's actions, misspelled their names, got their rank incorrect, et cetera, please send me a PM over enjin and I'll make the necessary edits. For those so interested, the full capture of this story including chat logs is available at the ST:TTV season 3 episodic here - episode 312. Attachment links to be updated once associated posts are published.