AAR: Saeihr Ship Inspection

Stardate 95065.2
Subcommander Tylen tr’Valex
Security Level 3 - Restricted


LOCATION: Mol'Rihan Shipyard, Azure Sector, Beta Quadrant

MISSION: Complete the R.R.W. Saeihr’s Ship Inspection

  • Inspection not completed.
  • Subcommander Rojok taken into custody and two other infiltrators neutralized. See report for details.

CDR-GEN Rellir t'Lhaihtrha
SCDR Rojok tr’Hwersuil (NPC)
SCDR Tylen tr’Valex
SCDR S'Tokkr Kormerek Ralaa
SCDR Settra Vikall
CENT Vordai t’Krediv
CENT Kolina (NPC)


This was intended to be a simple ship inspection. Events did not transpire as such.

The ‘inspection team’ sent direct text transmission to Operations console, requesting permission to beam aboard the R.R.W. Saeihr to begin inspection. Subcommander S’Tokkr ordered a security team to escort the inspection team. A second message was received at Operations console, claiming the Chief Inspector was aboard and an attempted rejection of the security escort. Through a series of transmissions, the ‘inspection team’ relented to a bridge officer escort. Finding these messages suspicious, I assigned our Chief of Security Subcommander S’Tokkr to the escort. Another objection was sent to the Operations console, however the Subcommander was already on his way.

Because of the objection, I requested information on the history between Subcommander S’Tokkr and the Chief Inspector. Centurion Vordai alerted me to several critical pieces of information: Subcommander S’Tokkr was the lead investigator into the attack on the Chief Inspector and the Chief Inspector was not supposed to have been released from sickbay at current time. I called for an immediate status report from Subcommander S’Tokkr, who informed me the two individuals on the transporter pad were not the Chief Inspector, nor any other authorized inspectors. I sent a request to obtain and run the names of the individuals who had beamed onto the Saeihr. Moments later, the Intruder Alert went off.

I immediately ordered a lockdown in the area surrounding Subcommander S’Tokkr’s location and dispatched a security team to assist him. The Khre’Riov sent a communication to the bridge, which Subcommander Rojok ignored in favor of working at his station. I later learned he was attempting to override the security lockdown I had put in place.

It was at this point in time when Centurion Vordai left her station to confront Subcommander Rojok, accusing him of interfering. In response, Rojok attempted to flee the bridge. I sealed the turbolift and called for a security team to the bridge as well. Centurion Vordai attempted to apprehend Rojok. I joined them, to attempt to subdue Rojok but also separate him from the Centurion. As the struggle persisted, Subcommander S’Tokkr, Khre’Riov t'Lhaihtrha and Centurion Kolina entered through a wall panel. The Centurion released her grip on Rojok’s throat and removed a concealed knife from his boot.

I made my report to the Khre’Riov, who removed Rojok from command of the Saeihr and assigned me to acting executive officer of the Saeihr. Orders for the proper containment of Rojok were made, as well as for the return to normal status.


It would appear as if my assessments of Subcommander Rojok were accurate. He had become a traitor in our midst and would have endangered the lives of our crew. He was not fit for command. I will not make any recommendations for how the actions of Rojok should be responded to. I am sure the Khre’Riov already has plenty of ideas on how traitors should be dealt with.

My recommendations are the same as my standing orders as acting executive officer of the Saeihr: Subcommander S’Tokkr and Centurion Vordai will be conducting background checks on every member of the Saeihr’s crew. Senior Officers will be given priority in order to be cleared and allowed to return to duty. Secondary priority is an engineering team selected by Centurion Kolina. This team will be responsible for checking all Saeihr systems to ensure no tampering or sabotage has taken place. All future new crew members will be subject to the same rigorous security and background checks to ensure all crew are loyal members of the Republic above all political aspirations or any other outside influences.

Subcommander S’Tokkr has ordered any visitors, guests or outside support will require at least two security officers in escort until identity verification can be completed. This is a standing order I support and will continue until myself or the Khre’Riov rescinds it.

I also will be calling for a meeting among senior staff to speak on the incident with Rojok and my assuming of command until the next Commander can be assigned. It is important to have some amount of understanding and clarity regarding the incident in order to function smoothly and efficiently as a crew.

It is my recommendation Centurion Vordai continue her investigations into Rojok’s connections and motivations. It is clear he was simply an ineffectual pawn of some greater force. We need to determine if he was specifically instructed to interfere with our operations or if it was done of his own volition, in an attempt to garner favor. Either way, Rojok is not a man suited to covert infiltration. He raised suspicion from the moment he took command until the moment he revealed himself a traitor. I certainly hope the Romulan Republic is teaching its covert operatives to be far more effective.

As my final note, I would like to commend Centurion Vordai. She was first to pick up on Rojok attempting to override our security lockdown and took measures to prevent his efforts from succeeding. She is also the one who discovered the political connections which might benefit if the Saeihr were to fail during one of its early missions. The information was passed to me before the inspection and likely passed on to Subcommander S’Tokkr during his security interview with her. This information allowed the both of us to stay on alert and react quickly and efficiently the moment we became aware of the intruders. The discovery of Rojok’s deceit and treason would have likely taken more time had it not been for the Centurion.

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