AAR: SAR Preparation

Stardate 93726.9
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: USS Valley Forge

MISSION: Preparation for Gainsborough SAR

OUTCOME: Ahead of the Search & Rescue mission to locate and recover lost escape pods from USS Gainsborough; Valley Forge teams must first develop strategies for any potential encounter with species 2492.

CAPT Se'Lai, LTCD Eunbi, LT Keliaya, SGT Blarg, CDT Mitsuki

NARRATIVE: A routine progress check conducted by myself and LTCD Eunbi - as my recently appointed second officer - led us to an extended review of all preparations for the upcoming SAR with LT Keliaya and her team.

A number of key points were addressed including:

  • Tactical analysis
  • Evasive countermeasures
  • Counterattack
  • SAR Wormhole theory


  • Tactical analysis
    Analysis suggests that species 2492 measures threat by direct correlation to starship size. Based on logically derived assumptions regarding sensor detection when the task force first arrived in the region; systems are being allocated to project sensor ghosts of larger vessels upon detection of species 2492.
  • Evasive countermeasures
    A measured delay of 1.2 seconds was found between an initial neutrino buildup and the discharge of the dreadnaught's primary weapon. Valley Forge computer is being upgraded to accomodate an automated protocol to manage auxiliary power to the engines upon detection of this exact energy pattern; affording helm additional evasive capability.
  • Counterattack
    This was addressed, but the lack of sensor data from the recovered Gainsborough computer core did not yield anything to work with.
  • SAR Wormhole theory
    To quote ancient Earth literature; "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth". Having exhausted the possibility that the missing pods were recovered, or lost in the debris field. The only remaining consideration is the proximity and timing of the dreadnaught's departure via wormhole. The current working theory is that the missing escape pod/s were caught up in it's event horizon. As an artificial wormhole, it's behaviour is less certain to us at present, though theory suggests that as the wormhole closed ahead of the escape pods with the dreadnaught exiting the other end; the pods may have been ejected at an earlier point along it's path.

    This theory will need to be further investigated at the source.

Extensive simulations are currently being planned for all above theories and will be tested as extensively as possible while en route to the incident site.

Additional note; recovery teams also captured a number of personal and duty logs from the Gainsborough's final tour - which would not have been captured by her last docked backup - and are in the process of distributing these accordingly. One of note is the Gainsborough's AAR from their encounter with the Arshai 'Mana' which will be presented to command once fully recompiled.

Next episode will be posted in due course. Expect something towards the end of the week