AAR: Scryer Network Contact

Stardate 94186.4
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: Border Trading Station

MISSION: Establish contact with and/or intelligence on the Scryer Information Network.

OUTCOME: Contact transpired to be a rouse, however new prisoner incarcerated with possibility of further intelligence. Secondary objective identified during mission and executed successfully with the prevention of planned high level criminal activity against Federation allied world.


CAPT Se'Lai [uss valley forge]
CAPT Cynis [iks daramar]
CAPT Timoreev
CMDR Zh'Zhavis
LCDR Eunbi
LCDR Keliaya
LCDR Kermit
LCDR Stone
MAJ Sharpe
ENS Aruyo

Kate 'Seelix' McDonaghue

NARRATIVE: The Valley Forge departed alongside IKS Daramar to pursue the lead generated from the incarceration of Seelix. Following an en route briefing from LCDR Stone on behalf of SFI - as custodian of the prisoner who was also on board - the team formulated a strategy which would see a small infiltration team board the station and attempt to complete the planned meeting with the contact 'Eye' presented to Seelix.

The team boarded via shuttle from the Daramar while the Valley Forge remained on standby out of sensor range to avoid raising suspicion of Stafleet's involvement. Once on the station, they worked to seek out their contact which first presented in the individual later identified simply as 'Winters'. Apparently he was a subordinate of an individual who claimed to be their sought contact whom LCDR Stone promptly took up interaction with. This new individual was - by all accounts - a fully armoured and intimidating presence to all in the vicinity, referred to only as 'The Mistress'.

During their preliminary negotiations with the Mistress, a brawl broke out - mixed reports of the cause indicate some connection between Seelix, LCDR Kermit & CAPT Timoreev, and a misdirection from a disgruntled Romulan who had seemingly fallen out of favour with a Gorn patron. This brawl led the Mistress to depart while our team were forced to handle the situation. With the disruptive patrons dealt with a new confrontation arose between ENS Aruyo and Winters and shots were fired - reportedly with the Ensign firing unprovoked on Winters, though further testimony should be sought from those present as I can only present information as I received it during the mission debrief.

Upon the Mistresses return to the scene, a standoff ensued in which she revealed that she was not the Eye contact they were expected to meet, but seemingly a contract pirate hired by the Eye to take the meeting in their place and deal with whoever turned up. An admiral collaborative effort from the entire away team [including notable contributions from seelix and winters] led to the defeat of the Mistress and her guards with no allied casualties. Reportedly; this Winters had been waiting for an opportunity to betray the Misterss who - judging from our doctors report of his physical condition - has long been mistreating him, and took this opportunity to do so as he disabled her armour with an EMP. This is noted because of the condition she was found in after the fray; insofar that she was completely immobilized and suffering greatly. I should also note here that a debate between the senior officers ensued as to how they should process the incarcerated pirate boss from this point until Winters highlighted that she was Elaysian. With this information now in hand, the decision was unanimously made to transfer the Mistress to the Valley Forge brig and immediately remove her augmenting armour whilst holding her in reduced gravity.

Supplementary to this, it was revealed that the few members of the Mistresses team who escaped the conflict were attempting to flee on board a small group of shuttles bound for Legia IX where they planned to conduct a high profile 'heist' of high end Olelian cybernetic technology for use on the black market. Further debate ensued, but the decision was made to have the Daramar intercept the shuttles and they were quickly destroyed.

RECOMMENDATION: Detainee Winters should be incarcerated with Seelix pending further questioning. With the Mistresses ships destroyed, we have no further opportunity to gain intelligence on her relationship with the Scryer Network and so Winters - having already proved amenable to cooperation - may be the best remaining lead. The Mistress herself may also prove cooperative in time, but that is a matter for SFI. Command may wish to inform the Olelian Prostor Usherat of the planned heist, for maintenance of diplomatic relations if nothing else. Supplementary reports presenting more detail from the away mission should follow.

OOC: This is from the Valley Forge episode: "The Olelian Job". If I've unintentionally misrepresented your character's actions, misspelled their names, got their rank incorrect, et cetera, please send me a PM over enjin and I'll make the necessary edits. For those so interested, the full capture of this story including chat logs is available at the ST:TTV season 2 episodic here - episode 7.