AAR: Sector 81 Investigation

TO: CAPT Perim
FROM: CAPT Parsons
SUB: Sector 81 Activity

Stardate: 93017.27


Per your orders the San Jacinto left port for sector 81 after resupplying and repairing damage received prior to assignment to the 38th Fleet. After speaking with logistics officers the San Jacinto was resupplied with 38 photon and 10 quantum torpedoes. The USS San Jacinto (NCC-91836) left port at 0900 hours with its full compliment of crew and pilots.

At 1100 hours we encountered a freighter that had received minor damage from a malfunctioning deflector dish. The ship registered as the SS Jiminez, a registered Federation trader and frequently employed supply runner. The Captain of the vessel, Joel Kato, informed us that they were hired to comb sector 81 for survivors from a missing passenger freighter. According to Captain Kato, when they entered the sector there were enormous gravitational readings along with sensor dead zones. After combing the area for an hour they declared the passenger freighter lost to sector 81.

At approximately 0330 we arrived in sector 81 and immediately experienced the same complications the SS Jiminez described to us. My sensors officer, Lt. Commander Safuk, was able to get several incomplete scans before we were forced to find another area of the sector that was free of gravitational anomalies. According to our records sector 81 does not have a prior history of being anomaly ridden but in the recent weeks reports have been coming in of strange occurrences.

Lt. Commander Safuk's scans revealed traces of what we believe are miscellaneous debris from class 4 personnel freighter. I had engineering prepare a class 2 probe and prep it for a drop to keep an eye on the area. Squadrons 1 and 2 were deployed to map out a safe route out of sector, after an hour of searching we found a path that was suitable for our escape. Before leaving the sector we dropped the probe and left an advisory warning for other ships passing through the sector. No definitive sign of the missing passenger freighter was found.

-Captain Parsons