AAR: Signals from Beyond Part 3

Filed By:
CDR Nathes

LOCATION U.S.S. Endeavour, Zytherion System

MISSION Investigation into the fate of the Zytherion Colony

OUTCOME A shocking revelation was made. A number of the colonists had survived, fleeing into previously constructed underground facilities.


  • CAPTAIN Mirazuni
  • COMMANDER Nathes
  • LT Vehl
  • CMDR zh’Lindresko

Compounding on the disturbing discoveries made on the S.S. Hafstraumur, the USS Endeavour continued its investigation. En route to the colony, a significant source of the atomic readings (similar those those found on the Hafstraumur) was discovered. Additionally, the identity of the culprit responsible for the strange sign on the ship’s wall was identified.

Her name is as followed: Tassa Zh’shilorh

The arrival on the colony also revealed survivors. They were led by an acting governor, a Trill by the name of Sadon. He explained how the colonists had survived after the terraforming disaster on the colony. He also elaborated on outstanding questions. He will no doubt be instrumental in providing resolution to this mystery.

RECOMMENDATION Pending further information, coordination with Governor Sadon is advised. Information on how the terraforming accident precisely occurred is needed. Additionally, any and all information on Tassa Zh’shilorh needs to be obtained.

RECOGNITION All officers performed well, given the circumstances. All officers should be commended for discovering survivors in the colony.