AAR: Stardate 91429.1 - Sector Patrol

Location: Sector PatrolStardate: 91429.1Report Submitted: Capt Welhuph

Mission: Sector Patrol

On stardate 91429.1 the USS Atlas, Formidable Damocles and RRW Vauthilai, Llair mh'Aerrh of the 38th fleet conducted a joint patrol with the SCE USS Regality through the immediate sector. We encountered several anomalous situations during the patrol. First, we detected a distress call from a local Ferengi freighter. We diverted to respond, but another Starfleet patrol arrived before us, and our attention was not needed.

We did encounter a lone Klingon vessel patrolling near the neutral zone. We hailed them to indicate out detentions. They responded with a provocative though not threatening response, and both us and the them continued on our patrol.

Later, we came flew through the Cephalid system. We conducted a cursory system recon and cataloged one main sequence star, and six planets, none of which were M-class not had any life. This is consistent with Starfleet records of the system. No artificial energy signatures were detected in the system.

Enroute back to the starbase we responded to another distress call from three freighters traveling towards K7. The freighter had come under attack from a small Romulan contingent. Markings on the ships indicated they were remnant Romulan Star Empire ships, and not Republic nor Tal Shiar vessels. We immediately engaged, destroying one warbird. The others immediately fled. We lost track of them when they cloaked almost immediately after going to warp. We found it intriguing that Empire remnant ships would be this far from Romulan space. The freighters were mostly undamaged and continued on towards K7.

We returned to DS13 approximately 9 hours after starting the patrol.

No ships were significantly damaged during this patrol.

End report.

Daemedus Welhuph
Captain, USS Atlas
Task Force Argo