AAR: Terran Empire Briefing #2

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CAPT Barron, Maikull

LOCATION Talos Junction Outpost, Yuhop System

MISSION Meet with 38th Fleet Personnel to review and strategize in regards to current Terran Empire Incursion.



  • Captain Maikull Barron (Presenter)
  • General Sadia Cynis
  • Captain Trellain Nimitz
  • Captain Alister Nimitz
  • Captain Alexandria Holmes
  • Captain Serah Grant
  • Captain Drake Tungsten
  • Captain Rebecca Meadows,
  • Lieutenant Commander Kolya Burov
  • Lieutenant Veneela Sovum

NARRATIVE Met with several officers of 38th Fleet Assigned to the Doza Sector to address the Terran Empire’s Conquest of the Azedi Confederacy. Reviewed Starfleet Intelligence Data, as well as went over updated Operational Goals for the Fleet. Assessed Fortified and Vulnerable System Status, and Discussed possible directions the fleet could take to combat these issues.

RECOMMENDATION Infiltration was a key topic discussed. Most Federation Vessels are not designed for stealth-reconnaissance, suggestions made were to recruit Republic Officers to aid in stealth recon of all Azedi Systems, and evaluate Terran Fleet.

Use of the Yuhop wormhole was discussed, as Lt.Cmdr Burov confirmed over 5-year study that they can accurate predict where the wormhole will appear and for how long (giving fleets a time limit of operations deep in the heart of Azedi Space and a means to retreat) However this would also pose a threat to the Yuhop Outpost. Captain Alexandria expressed interest in mining the wormhole, to where only ships with proper access codes could get through.

Several ships expressed interest and intent to aid in Refugee Retrieval, and discussion was had briefly on which ships to send to engage the Terrans in the Itrin System.

Options of Diplomacy came to rise among the ranks, with some for and against it. Though typical Terran Ideology sees diplomacy as a weakness, there have been some cases of Terrans turning against one another for personal gain, so could be a feasible. Another Diplomatic front could be opening Dialog with the Kingdom of Parin, not only for additional defense, but for possible re-location of Azedi refugees. Any lingering Azedi forces should also try to be recruited to aid in re-taking their worlds.

Pending that, all officers are standing by for official orders from command.