AAR: The Little Artifact that could (away team)

Stardate: 92711.96
Reporting Officer: Commander Trevor Stevensons
Nature: Away team dispatched to the RRW Anarhai

An away team consisting of Commander Stevensons, Petty officer Arkwright, Petty officer Foster, Lieutenant Commander T'irin, and centurion Callahan, was dispatched to the RRW Anarhai due to a radiation leak.

Upon arrival, The team set up a "Safe zone" around transporter pad 2. Radiation was purged from this area, and it was sealed off by force-field. Crew members were moved to this area for field treatment and evacuation. once the crew members in that area were secured, the Team moved into the core room. The Medical team evacuated the crew from the room, while the engineering team sealed a breached plasma conduit. The medical team moved into the Lab, there were multiple Romulan engineers. All of the engineers were in critical status, and were beamed out.
A large artifact in the center of the room appeared to be the origin of the radiation. The team requested a Science team to be beamed aboard to help contain the artifact. The science team consisted of Lieutenant Commander Osiandli, and Commander Vaedros Isunn, they contained the artifact while the Engineering team ejected the singularity core.

Petty officer Adam Arkwright was found incapacitated soon after. He suffered from a minor concussion, and level 1 radiation poisoning. Arkwright, and Foster were beamed out soon after.
Once radiation was purged, the team beamed out. This concludes this section of the report.

Signed, Commander Trevor Stevensons, MACO 14th Division
Attn: Captain Perim
CC: Captain Eli Altais, Engineering
Re: Engineering Report RRW Anarhai, Artifact Indident

Stardate: 92711.96

Engineers involved were Lieutenant Commander T'irin and Centurion (Lieutenant) Callahan. Initial damage assesment:

1) Engineering deck flooded by Gamma Radiation.
2) Ruptured conduit connected to the singularity drive
3) Crack in the singularity harness.

After the conduit was sealed, Centurion Callahan deemed it necessary to eject the singularity drive. This decision was agreed upon by Subcommander t'Veras.

After the gamma radiation was flushed from the contaminated decks, I checked in with Subcommander t'Veras and discovered that she was suffering from radiation poisoning. She is to be commended for refusing to leave the ship until her crew was taken care of, however, she was putting her own life at risk by not seeking medical attention. She was transported off the ship with the last of the away team and taken to sickbay aboard Deep Space Thirteen.

//Lieutenant Commander T'irin

Attn: Captain Perim
Re: Sciences Report, RRW Anarhai, Artifact Incident

After beaming aboard the damaged vessel, LtCmdr Osiangli, several science division enlisted crewmen, and I were directed to the ship's science lab, wherein stood a large, black, obelisk-like object- this is what incapacitated the crew. I directed the LtCmdr to erect a security field around the object; instead, he attempted to deploy some sort of object of his own invention, which promptly failed to activate. He then activated the security field as ordered. I began scanning the device with a tricorder; the results are attached.

Based off my analysis, the device's function is unclear. I was able to discern what it does, but not why. Power flow appears to enter through the external port and pass through some sort of converter. The converter sends a stream of energy to another device, which seems to produce gamma radiation. This radiation floods the inner chamber before being absorbed by the walls and channeled back into a second converter. From there, energy is stored in a capacitor before being discharged if there is a connection to the second external port. It is.. unclear why the device acted as it did; there is no apparent damage to the radiation sinks. It is possible that the device was, as humans say, 'booby trapped'.

Given the location the device was apparently recovered from and the device's age, it is possible that the device is Preserver technology; however, it does not resemble any known recovered preserver artifacts. It is possible, however, that it was based off of preserver technology.

I inquired as to why the proper precautions were not taken; I was informed that all readings seemed to indicate that the device was inert- as it is now- and that the Romulans believed it to be some sort of generator; something the Republic's many desperate worlds could use. They attempted to activate it, and when they did, it reacted, incapacitating many of them my releasing its stored radiation. I am not unsympathetic to the plight of the Republic; the Xindi were in a similar situation two centuries ago. However, I do not believe this excuses Subcommander Aurelia's actions. She failed to take the necessary precautions, and endangered her crew because of it.

After the crew was cleared from the damaged ship, I ordered all non-essential personnel be cleared from the decks surrounding the primary science lab; the device was beamed there for study, and a security field was erected around it, as to avoid the fate of our Romulan allies. It currently remains there.

// Commander Vaedros Isunn

Attn: Lieutenant Commander Osiangli
CC: Commander Isunn; Captain Perim
Re: Re: Sciences Report, RRW Anarhai, Artifact Incident

As requested, a preliminary examination of the artifact has been conducted. The artifact is a rectangular chamber that opens via a hatch on the top. Dimensions (LxWxH): 10' x 8' x 8'

The outer covering is about a foot thick. Matte black, smooth and solid, save for one opening that contains two connection ports (henceforth Port One and Port Two. The covering is composed of a duritanium alloy. The Anarhai crew managed to build an interface with their power grid, but it was not connected when the away team arrived.

After the outer covering, lies a layer or circuitry and mechanical parts. Beyond that, there is another wall, six inches thick, composed of an unknown radio-conductive composite. When the hatch is closed, the inner walls are capable of absorbing and even conducting ionizing radiation.

The chamber created by the inner walls is just about large enough for one or two people to enter. This inner area is pretty bleak. No controls or displays, just plain white walls. It is, however, possible to remove sections of the paneling in order to access the artifact's components. This might imply that the purpose of the chamber was to allow repairs or modifications from the inside while power is off, but there is no way to confirm that.

Preliminary scans have revealed the details of the artifact's functionality:
Spoiler: Show
Confirming the Anarhai crew's assessment, power flow enters from Port 1 and passes through a part that we've labeled Converter A.

A conduit from this converter conducts an energy stream to another device, Unknown Component #8, which produces gamma radiation. Further study of this component reveals it's operation to be similar to that of an electron-resonance magnetron. Gamma radiation floods the inner chamber.

The properties of the inner wall composite material result in the absorption of this radiation. Some unknown process results in the channeling of the radiant energy towards Converter B, which returns the energy to it's previous state.

A conduit then moves the energy to a large capacitor where it is stored. If a connection is made to Port 2, then a mechanism results in the discharge of the stored energy through that port.

It is noteworthy that the energy output of the device through Port 2 is actually a small amount greater, proportionally, than the original input through Port 1. We are not yet sure how or why this occurs, but this is likely the reason that the Romulan crew believed the artifact to be a generator of some sort. Without disagreeing with that assessment, given the small margin of power increase, I would be forced to assume that if it is designed for power generation, then it must be malfunctioning in some way.

Further investigation is recommended.

// Lieutenant Nye, Physicist, Science Department
TO: Commander Vaedros Isunn, Chief Science Officer, Deep Space 13
CC: Captain Neema Perim, Commanding Officer, Deep Space Thirteen; Lieutenant Commander Osiangli, Chief Physicist, Deep Space Thirteen
FROM: Lieutenant Junior Grade Arrianna Kraf, Junior Astrophysicist, USS Kanto
RE: Report on 490197.1 observation and testing of Unknown Device

On the above reported date, at about 21:00 station time, Commander Black, Commander Rix, Counselor Sedai, and myself met in Science Lab B to conduct further experiments on the unknown device originally recovered by the RRW Anarhai.

After some speculation on the device's use, and some preliminary scans that garnered no new data, it was suggested by the counselor that we test the machine with a deceased tribble. After some debate it was agreed to conduct the experiment with the said tribble to see how it would react within the device.

After its placement within the deactivated device, the containment field was restored and the device activated. After a few moments the distinct smell of cooked tribble filled the lab. The device was shut down and the interior inspected to find that a baked tribble was inside.

Tricorder scans conducted by the counselor indicated no traces of harmful radiation or other hazards within the baked tribble, and that it was safe for humanoid consumption if it was so desired. Extrapolations done by the computer indicated that any organic tissue placed within would likely garner similar results. Therefore it is my hypothesis that the said device is in fact a cooking unit used by some long extinct or forgotten civilization. Commander Rix hypothesized that the device could be some sort of data storage and retrieval unit, but the lack of any sort of interface makes me believe that this is unlikely and that it in fact is a cooking unit similar in principle to an Earth microwave oven (full Federation Database entry to said Earth device is attached). I therefore recommend that the device be turned over to archaeology in order for them to attempt to discern more about the device's exact origins. A further test on a living tribble was proposed, but after a brief discussion the proposal was tabled for possible future implementation.

As for the question to the radiation output caused by the device, the radiation was only known to leave through the output port when the hatch on the top of the device was open, which led us to eventually believe that this was meant as some sort of safety feature to prevent radiation from escaping the device. Commander Rix stated that a regulator could be replicated and attached to the device in order to prevent further leakage of gamma radiation from the machine when said top hatch was open during operation, however at the publishing of this report that as of yet not been conducted. Radiation leakage when the hatch was closed was negligible, due to the materials in the internal chamber having a very robust absorption rate.

One last thing of note was after the device had cooled off and was opened in order to inspect the results of the tribble experiment, it was reported by the Science Department staff member assisting with the experiment that outlines of humanoid figures roughly 8 meters in height could be seen along the sides of the interior chamber. I too feel this requires further study, as this could help unlock the other unknowns to the device's origins and for us to gleam some insight as to its actual makers and their culture.

End Report.