AAR: The Tale of a Tribble named Zoop

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Filed By:
LT Taldar

After Action Report

LOCATION DS13, across the entire station across a couple days.

MISSION Contain an escaped tribble from the transdimensional experimentation lab that was capable of hopping in and our of normal space time and appearing across the station.

OUTCOME Tribble eventually contained after a prolonged multi-pronged search attempt and a confrontation at Vanilla or Bust.


  • LTJG Madell, Coco
  • CIV Basco, Jolo
  • CMDR Mandra, Alina
  • LT Taldar

Special Guest Appearance by:

  • LCDR H’ajah
  • Duo

And introducing:

  • Zoop, the Inter-dimensional Tribble

NARRATIVE So from my gathering, Chief comms me up, says we got a wild one out the labs. I do beastie research on the regular, but it all started back on Antos IV where I’d capture 'em wild and do studies in the field! Perhaps that’s why Chief wanted my help wrangling this little bugger!

Anyway so it apparently got infused with some super dimension spores that are real hot button research items lately… I didn’t know spore could go across space-time honestly, how nutso is that!? So this tribble, I swear 'e is the smartest little ball of meat and fur I ever seen. I tell you he bounced around with purpose! Knew to escape 'is pursuers and seek out friendlies.

The two researchers listed above determined an inverse tachyon field could contain it by disrupting the spatial phasing harmonics of it’s jump. See when it tries to jump it shifts into another spatial plane through a subspace interlink of some type… I dunno how that relates to mushrooms but apparently that’s a thing now, crazy world! So it can still jump but it bounces off the inverse tachyon field and reappears in the same spot now… so I got me a cage and some amplifiers, and a wee bit of bait to lure it in. Took a few tries though! Didn’t help the Engineering Chief was out for finely minced tribble bits as well, so I was racing against her to get it alive. Yo Chief, they make a cereal for that ya know?

Anyway, I used the lure of food to my advantage, and got access to the confectionery known as Vanilla or Bust in it’s off hours. Setting up inverse Tachyon field generators around the cafe, they activated as soon as the spore signature of the beastie flashed in, trapping it. I had it in the room, but had to get it into the transport unit, itself lined with dimensional energy reducing lining. I do not know how that works for the record! I can only describe the fight as a battle that would make Klingons sing, were one there, sorry again Engineering Chief, but I did have to capture it alive… VoB got a little messy, including a mysteriously out of place container of Strawberry ice cream being destroyed. Not sure if it was on the menu, but I promised I’d cover the costs personally anyway. Eventually though, I prevailed!

Zoop as it is called now, is safely back in the lab it came from, with the proper means to keep it contained until it can be cured of it’s super powers without harming it is identified. Nothing like a good hunt to get the blood going, right!?

RECOMMENDATION Until the jumping powers can be removed safetly, the tribble gotta be kept under a lock and key so it can’t go bouncing across the starbase all willy nilly don’t it!? More importantly, maybe the experimenters should be more careful what kind of experiments they run with creatures if this could so easily happen. I know Chief Mandra was right aggro on them about it!

RECOGNITION Though she didn’t get the bugger, Chief H’ajah has a zeal I admire! You’re alright in my book, we should go hunting sometime! I think a cat was trying to catch it too? I dunno really.