AAR Tholian Ambush

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Captain Macleod, James L

After Action Report

LOCATION Tzenketh Sector

MISSIONMizar System for Astrometric Survey

OUTCOMETholian ambush in deep space Tzenketh Sector, 17 ships destroyed, minor hull damage and injuries.

  • Captain MacLeod
  • Cmdr Flores, 1st officer

NARRATIVE USS DunVegan was ordered to the Mizar System to gather updated information on the systems four stars. While in route to the system we encountered a Tholian fleet consisting of 10 Web weaver class and 7 Orb Weaver class ships. Tholian’s refused to answer hails and proceeded to engage in combat. We sustained minor hull damage with minor injuries. Medical team has completed treatments. Engineering team will continue hull repair once we reach Mizar. Tholian fleet appeared to be on a course for Star Base 621

RECOMMENDATION Sector and Starbase 621 be placed on Alert. Increased patrol presence in the sector until Star Fleet command can asses the severity of the Tholian threat.

RECOGNITION The crew performed admirably during this unexpected threat. Special recognition to the engineering and tactical teams for responding quickly to the circumstance.

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