AAR: T'Pia Se'Lai's Growth Spurt

Stardate 94122.6
CMDR A. Judur
Level 2 - Confidential

LOCATION: DS13 Medical Bay


TREATMENT: Patient has been subjected to induced negative feedback to control production of growth hormones as a temporary treatment. Existing hormones still remain and possess unusual properties which may cause patient to continue rapid development. Patient has also been placed on a growth developmental program to ensure she mentally develops as a child to match the speed of her physical growth.

Commander Artrin Judur
Commander Charlotte Jarnefelt
Doctor Lysan Semesh Teysur (United Governments of Koa Medical Team)

T’Pia Se’Lai (Patient)
Captain Keelah Se’Lai (Patient’s Mother)

NARRATIVE: Upon receiving an emergency call from the medical department of the USS Valley Forge, Captain Se’Lai reported to DS13 with a small child, around six or seven years old. She told us that the child was her baby girl, T’Pia, who had recently been born, albeit through unusual circumstances (see attached report below).

Captain Se’Lai informed us that the child had been a healthy baby when she had last put her to bed, but upon awakening, the child seemingly grew rapidly. Health checks reported that the child was indeed healthy, although she had an unusually high amount of prolactin, oestradiol, luteinising and follicle stimulating hormones. In short, she was exhibiting signs of going through puberty; these hormones are crucial in developing the reproductive systems in females.

Doctor Jarnefelt took samples of the patient’s cells and under analysis, it was soon clear that there was an irregularity in the cells which was very similar to the growth hormone, Somatotropine (image attached)

Spoiler: HormoneShow

Upon comparison, though the hormone was very similar to Somatotropine, there were minor differences in the molecular weight and structure of the molecule. It is theorised that this new molecule, had been synthesised by the doctor on Koa, to aid in the rapid maturity of the child in her mother’s womb.

As shown in the image above, the molecules that are shaded red are in an excited state which is what caused the rapid growth of the child. Doctors Jarnefelt and Lysan came up with a solution of inducing negative feedback on the hormone production to prevent further unnatural growth spurts. However, it is unknown how the treatment will react if faced with another large spurt as was the case before.

Meanwhile, scanning the brain development of the patient, it was clear to see that whilst the brain had also grown along with the rest of the child, her development had not; she was, in essence, a week-old baby in the body of a little girl. This was cause for concern, so I took Captain Se’Lai to one side to explain the situation. I then explained a theoretical solution to the problem; there have been studies done on a seeming telepathic link between a Vulcan parent and her child and having used my own telepathic abilities, I could sense some sort of link between the Captain and her daughter. I theorised that using this link as a basis, the Captain could mind meld with the child and impart information to her, thus speeding up the development process. This was a risky procedure since an uncontrolled meld could result in a vast amount of information being imparted which, to a child’s developing brain, would be similar to overloading a console. After having tested the Captain’s mental acuity when it comes to mind melds, I believed that the Captain could go ahead with the procedure, which she agreed to do, under supervision from myself.

RECOMMENDATION: Continue to develop a permanent solution to the child’s growth hormones. Furthermore, the patient is required to have weekly check-ups to monitor growth and development.
Doctor Jarnefelt and I have also come up with a development program, and the Captain and her daughter will be attending regular sessions to oversee the mind melds and to ensure that the child is developing as naturally as possible.

//ATTACHMENT// Koan First Contact.aar

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