AAR: U.S.S. Mariner | Reciprocity

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LTJG Zital, Serris

After Action Report

LOCATION Deep Space, Aldebaran Sector

MISSION January 17th | Reciprocity

OUTCOME Successful retrieval of Rhode Island-class U.S.S. Pioneer (NCC-91088) and recovery of all hands by Intrepid-class U.S.S. Mariner (NCC-74671). Destruction of Rhode Island-class U.S.S. Pioneer (NCC-91088) and loss of all hands by Intrepid-class U.S.S. Mariner (NCC-74671).


NARRATIVE Officers were briefed that U.S.S. Pioneer (NCC-91088) had lost contact with Starfleet. Long-range sensors and reports from nearby civilian traffic were able to verify the existence of a subspace anomaly of unknown origin at its last known location. The vessel’s mission was unknown to 38th Command, leaving us with little information about any potential threats or hazards, but as we were the closest base of operations, Mariner was conscripted to investigate the disturbance and retrieve the vessel.

Upon arrival at the vessel’s last known coordinates, we found the Pioneer trapped inside of an artificially generated subspace fold, with graviton and neutrino flux that closely resembled a wormhole aperture. While sensors were unable to penetrate the event horizon, we were able to use Hawking radiation emissions, visual scanners, and empathic impressions from our Betazoid officers to determine the status of the Pioneer.

The vessel appeared to be drifting in and out of itself, almost like a silhouette of double vision. Similarly to visual inspection, all of our readings were doubled, not multiplicatively, but additively, as if we were receiving two sets of data from scanning the same point in space. Any attempts by our Betazoid officers to identify individuals aboard the Pioneer resulted in two identical empathic impressions of confusion and distress.

While sensors were unable to discern usable data from inside the anomaly, what we were able to gather by examining its event horizon strongly resembled Azedi trajector apertures. With this knowledge in hand, we were able to form a hypothesis. The Pioneer appeared to be using a subspace divergence field to duplicate a fold in space and displace the duplicate at another point in order to bridge the two points together. While a brilliant approach, what was likely a miscalculation of the field geometry wound up creating a subspace inversion that anchored the ship and duplicated it and its crew at the sub-atomic level. However, this divergence field was unable to duplicate the antimatter, and Hawking radiation emission curves suggested that the vessels’ power reserves were draining.

Per the original Kent State University experiments on the effects of subspace divergence fields, we were forced to conclude that both vessels would be unable to co-exist for long after the anti-matter supply was drained, as duplicate matter that occupies the same point in space-time inevitably results in mutual annihilation at the sub-atomic level. Ultimately, it was decided that, to save the Pioneer, we also had to destroy it.

By mapping the phase curvature and energy intervals of the event horizon, we were able to establish a target lock onto one distinct Pioneer and destroy it with a modulated phaser strike and transphasic torpedo. The resulting warp core breach destabilized the anomaly and threw the surviving Pioneer free.

We were able to retrieve the surviving Pioneer and assist with medical and engineering teams, however, our teams were not permitted access to certain areas of the ship, and our request for systems logs was denied. Thus, we are only able to speculate that this may have been a covert attempt to recreate the Azedi’s trajector propulsion technology on a large scale. The Pioneer eventually departed to Starbase 87 to complete repairs.

RECOMMENDATION Begin a formal inquiry into recent unusual operations by Starfleet in the Aldebaran and Doza sectors.
RECOGNITION It is the opinion of this officer that Captain Pryce should be commended for making what most would consider to be an impossible choice.

OOC Many reserve officers were pulled to fill in the missing roles on Mariner and I can’t quite remember everyone involved and their names. Anyone who participated, please message me on Discord with your details so I can amend this report later.