AAR: USS Asimov Bussard Collector Maintenance

Stardate: 92599.4Report Submitted: CMDR SivathDelivered to: 38th\Engineering

Upon reporting for duty to Cmdr. T'irin, received first assignment:

Maximize the effectiveness of the Graviton Generators of the USS Asimov by rebalancing the Bussard Magnetic Field.

Summoned two technician teams and a pair of engineer officers to Asimov. Diagnosis revealed misalignments in port comp coil #3 and nav deflector. Tech teams performed promptly and ably in addressing issues. Special notice should be given to the deflector misalignment spotted by Lt. Vangilder; the problem was due to subtle differences in installation procedure between old and new model parts. Perhaps one engineer in ten would have spotted the problem.

Officers Involved:

CMDR Sivath
LT Kaczmarek, Agnieszka
LT Vangilder, Alexander

Commander Sivath
Engineering Dept., Deep Space 13

Abridged Transcript:

<CMDR SIVATH> Before we begin, I will explain the procedure we will follow today. An engineering problem is a sequence of nested boxes representing systems. Each system has inputs and outputs. We will work from the outside in, verifying the inputs at each level and validating the expected output.

<LT KACZMAREK> Yes, sir.

<CMDR SIVATH> An apparent imbalance in the magnetic fields generated by this ship's Bussard collectors is interfering with the ship's graviton generators. Let us being the diagnosis.

<LT KACZMAREK> You're mine, Bussard collector.

<CMDR SIVATH> Lt. Macsmarek, start by running a diagnostic on the EPDN to verify that the Bussard collectors are receiving adequate power. Keep an eye out for any peculiarities in the plasma flow.

<LT KACZMAREK> Kaczmarek, sir.

<CMDR SIVATH> Quite right. Lt. Vangilder, run a sensor scan on the magnetic fields being generated by the Bussard collectors. Attempt to quantify the imbalance and narrow the parameters of our search for a problem.


<LT KACZMAREK> Commander, the relays are reporting adequate power being funneled into the ramscoop, and there's no problem with the plasma at all.

<CMDR SIVATH> Input verified.

<LT KACZMAREK> What's next, sir?

<CMDR SIVATH> One box at a time, Lt. Kaczmarek.

<LT KACZMAREK> I don't think it's a power problem, sir.

<LT VANGILDER> Magnetic Field emitters are here . . . and any imbalance is marked over here. They will sort out in a sec. Aside from . . . a tweak to a coil alignment sir . . . I agree it's not a power issue. All the imbalances are slight. Well within established variances.

<CMDR SIVATH> We will proceed as we wait for the data to aggregate. Let us delve into the next level. We will analyze each of the collection coils in turn. Kaczmarek will inspect inputs, Vangilder outputs. Port nacelle, collection coil one.

:: Diagnosis proceeds. Lt. Kaczmarek is summoned away. ::

<LT VANGILDER> The third coil is a touch out of alignment. Not enough to be an issue, I believe. Could be an issue with the nav deflector array.

<CMDR SIVATH> Curious . . . it appears that Lt. Kaczmarek has found an input issue with the deflector array as well. Let us turn our attention to that system. Directing maintenance team to deck seven. A diagnostic on the array, if you please, Lt. Vangilder.

<LT VANGILDER> Aye sir, starting diagnostic cycle.

:: Port collection coil 3 flagged for realignment by Cmdr. Sivath. Technician team A mobilized. ::

<LT VANGILDER> Of course . . . Commander. I'd say I have the problem found.

<CMDR SIVATH> Enlighten me.

<LT VANGILDER> See the intake holes here? They aren't aligned for this upgrade. They left the alignment from the previous model. Common mistake, honestly.

<CMDR SIVATH> Well spotted, Lt. Vangilder. Direct a team to make the swap.

:: Navigational deflector array flagged for adjustment by Lt. Vangilder. Technician team B mobilized. Teams A and B complete work. ::

<LT VANGILDER> They have it in place . . . Running tests now, sir.

<CMDR SIVATH> It appears that you have solved the problem. Congratulations, Lieutenant.

<LT VANGILDER> Thank you, sir. Just another day at work.

<CMDR SIVATH> It was a job well done. You may return to your regular duties. Dismissed.

:: Transcript end. ::