AAR - USS Vanguard Doza Pirate encounter

TO 38th Command
CC FCPT N.Perim, CPT. L.Varley,
FROM Commander Leonard Malone
SUBJ Status of the USS Vanguard and Captain Konieczko
Stardate 92641.1


In the early hours on stardate 92636.1, the U.S.S. Vanguard responded to a distress call in the Doza sector while on patrol in the area. When we arrived we set off on impulse to find a dead ship floating. Initial scans found no biosigns but that it was the source of the distress call. As I was the commanding officer on shift I ordered for an away team to be sent over to investigate. In the instant the away team was delivered two ships exited warp and arrived on the scene.

These vessels didn't match anything in the database and we began attempts at hailing them. After several minutes of no response I requested Captain Konieczko to come to the bridge and assume command. With things beginning to get suspicious we acted to retrieve our away team. As we began to transport, the two ships acted and fired a coordinated volley rocking us. We immediately jumped to red alert and raised shields, one member of the away team was left aboard the floating vessel at this time.

As damage reports began rolling in we could tell that the damages were extensive, in the initial burst our transceiver array was knocked out effectively leaving us unable to call for help. Several hull breaches were detected as well. We began evasive maneuvers but placed the Vanguard between the 'distressed' vessel and the hostiles. We began to fire our own series of phaser and torpedo shots at one of the vessels. The phasers quickly knocked out it's shields and the torpedo finished off the ship. It became evident that the vessel was not meant to take any sort of punishment. As we moved to intercept the other vessel it jumped to warp and I felt we should not pursue given our condition.

The Vanguard scanned the local area for any further vessels but came up with nothing, we dropped shields and gathered the last member of the away team as damage reports continued to come in.

Captain Konieczko was unable to respond to the bridge as an EPS Conduit on Deck 7 burst injuring him and several other officers, four of which were killed. The captain had several burns ranging from superficial to a full thickness burn as well as a broken arm.

As it stands, after several urgent repairs the U.S.S. Vanguard was able to limp itself back to drydock at Deep Space 13 where it will be undergoing several repairs. Dmitri has been transferred to the medical facility aboard the station, our chief is expecting him to make a full recovery.

Commander Leonard Malone
Executive Officer, USS Vanguard.