AAR: Wargames

TO: Adm. Rilem Celes
SUBJ: Grand wargames

:: Standard Level 5 Encryption ::

Shortly after the commencing of the wargames a large force of orion mercenaries entered the ashat system and started a ground attack on the planets civilian colony. After breaking the blockade the klingon elements of the participating forces beamed planetside to assist the local security forces.

Shortly after a number of romulan vessels entered the system under cloack and started to bord ashat orbital command. Thanks to the quick reaction of elements of the 38th fleet, the station was liberated again and the tal'shiar was prevented from deploying a thalaron weapon on the planet.

As a result of the incident the nareem goverment will transfer a fleet of milita forces to the command of the alpha quadrant alliance, additionaly Captain parek of sorok and his ship will be put underthe command of the 38th fleet "argo", effective immediatly. All participants of this years grand wargames will recive the iron wings, a medal awarded for outstanding performance on the battlefield.

Brigadier General Pasek of Lernak
Nareem Alliance Militia