AAR: When language fails

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BGEN Sadia Cynis

LOCATION D-2483 System, Doza Sector

MISSION System defense

OUTCOME Terran forces successfully routed, system secured.


  • BGEN Cynis, S. (I.K.S. Daramar)
  • CAPT Mirazuni, A. (U.S.S. Endeavour)
  • CAPT Holmes, A. (U.S.S. Dallas)
  • CAPT F’rbio (U.S.S Morgenstern)

  • CAPT Lauren Varley (I.S.S. Saratoga)
  • Unknown (I.S.S. Birk) // OOC: LCDR Izly, J.
  • Unknown (I.S.S. Guy Fiery) // OOC: Inquisitor Callahan
  • Unknown (I.S.S. Scharnhorst) // OOC: CAPT Drowvani, T.

A straightforward direct battle between Allied and Terran forces took place in D-2483 system. Terran forces were most likely a strong scouting force led by mirror version of CAPT Varley to ascertain the fate of ISS Betazed.
While the opening of the battle went badly for us and put us on defensive footing, the destruction of ISS Guy Fiery provided the opening we needed and led to ISS Scharnhorst being disabled. At that point ISS Saratoga rammed USS Endeavour, an action that led to destruction of the former and disabling of the latter. ISS Birk, severely outnumbered, opted to pick up the survivors from lost terran ships and retreat from the battle.
We proceeded to stabilize USS Endeavour and perform rescue operations, before towing the disabled vessel to Yuhop system for repairs.

RECOMMENDATION The destruction of ISS Saratoga combined with previous destruction of ISS Betazed is a great blow to the enemy operations. We should use this to our advantage and press our offensive operations in Itrin sector while slowing down enemy progress in Doza sector.
Loss of Ba’aja system is a serious issue as Terrans might publicly commit atrocities on local population as a reprisal for their own losses. If any operations are to be had in Doza sector they should be directed to weakening the enemy presence and the liberation of Ba’aja system.

RECOGNITION All ship captains performed admirably. While the near loss of USS Endeavour is regrettable, it is not the fault of her commanding officer. Nothing in the previous encounters with ISS Saratoga suggested that their captain was willing to risk their life in such a manner.

OOC Thanks to Kermit for running the event and everyone else who participated.