After Action Report Stardate: 92709.66

On Stardate 92709.66 the USS Paladin, USS Valkyrja, and USS Munin were involved in a convoy escort for fuel to forward stations in the Donatu Sector. As a last minute adjustment in an attempt to minimize the effectiveness of any Pirate ambush, USS Valkyrja and USS Munin operated under cloak during the escort. Upon arrival at the Alhena Refueling station it was reported that eight to ten warp signatures were approaching our location. At that point I ordered the convoy ships to move to the relative safety of the station. I then moved Paladin to be in an intercept position of the incoming ships. Six ships exited Warp at that point, Orion in design, four Corvettes and two Cruisers, not responding to hails. The ships did eventually signal for Paladin to surrender. I directed all stations to go on the offensive. During this, the Munin and Valkyrja moved to a position behind the two Orion Cruisers. The four Corvettes advanced and opened fire. Paladin returned fire executing a “Dusk draws Light” maneuver. In the midst of the Corvette group Paladin deployed two antiproton turrets. At the top of the maneuver before Paladin was able to make the second pass, two of the Orion Corvettes took hold of Paladin with tractor beams, the two Cruisers opened fire as well.

It was at this point Munin and Valkyrja de-cloaked and opened fire on the two Cruisers to disable them. The effect on the Orion battle group was almost instant as it deteriorated to adjust to the new ships. That was when I ordered all systems full forward and Paladin over powered the tractor arrays. Opening fire in a concentrated barrage we destroyed one Corvette, as Munnin and Valkyrja inflicted crippling damage to the Cruisers. This combined counter attack resulted in the Orion ships withdrawing with the exception of a single Corvette, which apparently was unable, as well as one Cruiser that was without engine power. I called for the Orion ships to stand down. The corvette engaged its engines and attempted to ram Paladin. I directed the helm to hold until the Corvette was less than 2 kilometers away then engaged an Emergency climb, deploying a Constriction Anchor .5 kilometers below. This caused the Paladin to rise aggressively and the anchor to drag the nose of the corvette down giving clearance. The ship collided with the anchor, destroying both.

Vakyrja and Munin had the Cruiser under control at that point. All three sips then attempted to beam the crew off to take them into custody. Something interefeaed with this process, a tight beam scan showed a localized inhibitor field with no apparent point of origin. At this point it was decided to leave the Crusiser and her crew to be recovered by whomever arrived first, the inhibitors, combined with the few ships compared to the warp signatures lead us to belive there was more going on and thus a greater risk to the convoy. We regrouped and withdrew. No damage was reported by any convoy ship, Vakyrja or Munin. Paladin sustained only minimal shield damage and some thermal damage to the forward hull. EOR