After Agincourt

"Why is there an old Constitution Class docked at K-7? Is that... a Borg deflector? What is Starfleet planning now?"

Spoiler: Show


When: No date - just grab me in game.

Audience: Semi-Open (bear in mind that the mission is classed as confidential so be sensible with choices)

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Constitution Class Bridge

OOC point of contact: @drcrippler


OOC: These are follow ups following the capture of the Endeavour ship and the Borg Emperor following Operation Agincourt. There are three missions here and they can be done as many times as people want.

  • Analysis of Borg ship, finding any sensor data, historical data, etc.
  • Interrogation of Borg Emperor for information
  • Analysis of Thrres development post-Agincourt

I am not placing a date on these; if I'm online and you want to do these, let me know. If nobody takes them up, the Endeavour crew will do them BUT... as we have seen, the Endeavour crew are worse than Kermit's NPCs. Dunno if that's good or bad.

As written above, it's semi-open. Since Sam will have ICly chosen people to go on the mission, I'll be rejecting people who I think wouldn't make sense to be on the mission. The only limit on numbers is the number of people I can comfortably GM for. If you're online and bored alone, I will run the mission for you.

There is also a set time frame for this mission as once Command deem that all the information has been taken from the ship, they'll move it to a secure location.