Alpha News Interview with Commander Harkaitz

The following would be seen by anyone who perhaps browses news programs on their PADDs.

"Good evening Alpha Quadrant, I'm Thomas McStone with Alpha News. Tonight we are fortunate enough to have with us Commander Harkaitz of the Romulan Republic, good evening Commander".

The camera pans to the dour Reman, dressed in his Reman Forces uniform variant.

"Thank you".

"The Commander is the C.O. of the R.R.W. Chiron and is attached to Task Force Argo, head quartered out of Deep Space 13. Tell us, what you have found yourself thinking working so closely with Federation officers".

Again the camera pans back to Harkaitz, he inhales and tries to look at McStone rather than it.

"As a Reman, I'd at first been concerned that I would not be able to find acceptance among an organization who's first true dealings with my kind were that of battle. I was also concerned over the vast differences in our appearance, they can at times cause...discomfort. It pleases me to note that my concerns were largely unfounded. With relative ease, I feel that I have been able to integrate myself into the task force and work with its members".

The view now pulls back to encompass them both, sitting across the promenade conference table from one another.

"Well, I'm sure all of your comrades back home are relieved to hear that"!

Harkaitz's eyes betray a momentary dislike for this man and his exclamations.

"Speaking of work, what do you think about they way in which your allies do things"?

The camera pans back to what is likely an entirely too close shot of Harkaitz's face. He clears his throat.

"I am continually impressed with the manner in which Starfleet personnel carry out their duties. It is of little wonder that the Republic has chosen to align themselves with this professional organization."

"That's really a great sentiment, Commander. One last question, what would you say to your follow New Romulans, specifically the Remans among them"?

Harkaitz thinks for a moment.

"I would urge others of my kind to come to New Romulus, to find a home on the world were we have united in purpose with Romulans. It falls upon all of us to carry on in our work in a spirit that heals the centuries old wounds between us. For those able of body and stout of spirit that wish to do more, join the Republican Navy. I urge you to become comrades with the brave men and women that defend both our liberty and our new home".

"Truly well said, Commander. On behalf of Alpha News, thank you or your time".

Harkaitz grunts.

"When you come baring a memo from Admiralty inviting my participation, I am...of course happy to oblige".