[Alpha Quadrant] Culver IV Science Survey

Type: Ground/Space
Scope: Science Vessels and crews
Timeframe: Available until complete
Requirements: Post results when finished

Assigned By: Starfleet Command
Description: The USS Paladin has reported that a Colony located on a moon orbiting Culver IV, in the Draylon Sector of the Alpha Quadrant, has suffered a serious natural event. A particle fountain appears to have formed on the surface of the gas giant and after its eruption, rained radioactive particles upon the unfortunate colonists. 1,243 people lost their lives in the event. Starfleet Command would like some answers to what happened, and a possible way to prevent it from reoccurring so that the colony may be re-inhabited.

((This is just an out there for some of the Science folks to look into. Feel free to embellish as you might see fit.))
The U.S.S. Troi is currently operating near the Starbase on patrol, but if no other ship is close we would be happy to take on the assignment as scientific investigation and reconnaissance is the Troi's primary focus.
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Can I also advise that the USS Arkansas accompany the Troi to offer transport of supplies and relief for the colonists on the moon.
The R.R.W. Caelis will send any specialised personnel on natural and unnatural disasters to the U.S.S. Troi or other vessel to cooperate and aid in the matter. The vessel currently is unable to leave the station due to prepatory work.
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Arkansas is on standard 48 hour cooldown after arriving back at DS13 yesterday. The ship can be tasked emergencies if required. Commander McCaffrey is enthusiastic about rendering assistance.
Simply as extra OOC information the colony has been evacuated. Paladin saw to that since there was no way to determin the continued saftey of the colony without further investigation.
Under current circumstances I do not believe it wise for our Science teams to head out unescorted. If anyone needs it, just drop me a message on here
Commander M'Rella, I welcome any help I can get. As you said, under current circumstances one cannot be too careful. I will get in touch to coordinate the mission.

As to the RRW Caelis sending personnel, that is also welcome.

(OOC: I am in the middle of a story line that requires Kero to be around the station for a short while, so I need a little bit of time before I can start this, but if you guys/gals want to get underway you are welcome to, don't let me hold you up.)
((OOC moved this forward a little, here is a chat log))

Kero Elan exchanges a few words with the chef and comes away with a raktajino.
Kero Elan: Good day there, Captain.
Quint takes a sip of his drnk and glances up. "Good day to you as well." smiles.
Kero Elan: Mind if I join you for a few minutes?
Quint motions to the seat "Not at all, please do"
Kero Elan takes a sip.
Kero Elan: I see you a lot around, never really have the chance to have a chat.
Quint nods "Happens around this place a lot. I've seen you a few times, but as you said. Mostly in passing"
Kero Elan smirks a little, "My ship is slated to go clean up after the Paladin some time soon."
Kero Elan's tone seems to indicate she is joking.
Quint smirks "Ah, think so eh?"
Quint: That incident in the Draylon Sector?
Kero Elan nods. "There was - yes."
Quint nods a bit of a serious look over his face for a moment, but it passes "Ya....Hope that you can provide an answer fo rthose folks."
Kero Elan: We'll see if there is a way to get to the bottom of the radiation but... I think it would be safe not to raise their hopes too much."
Quint: I agree. I mean...what little we had time to sort out, it originated at Gas giant they orbited. That in itself woudl make it a touch unpredictable.
Kero Elan: On cursory examination, I was thinking we could try something along the lines of what the Enterprise-D tried.
Kero Elan: Albeit with less eruptions...
Quint places hsi drink on the table. "Do tell."
Kero Elan takes another sip and thinks for a moment or two, taking some time to look at Quint.
Kero Elan: There was an inhabited planet with a lot of seismic activity.
Kero Elan: The Enterprise-D offered to help and they used focussed energy beams to try and relieve the tectonic plate of tension in specific points.
Quint thinks for a moment. "Oh...Ok I recall that now." nods
Kero Elan: Aye, only that it didn't go too well.
Quint: If I'm recallin gthe right record..It was due to the Dilithium grow below the surface wasnt it?
Kero Elan: Mhm, this is a /gas giant/ though, so it could all be all the more... volatile.
Quint nods "Tread lightly...I'm sure youre already planning on it"
Kero Elan: Did we locate some possible alternative homeworlds for them, just in case?
Quint: They are working on that at DS 9 last I was aware. Was more concerend about getting them off the Paladin and safe. Taxed the life support way to far.
Kero Elan: Heh, I can imagine.
Quint: Only able to really carry fivehundred people if I push it..Couple thousand was a bad idea.
Kero Elan nods slowly. "But you were their only hope, if it weren't for you none of them would be alive now."
Quint shrugs "Part of the job"
Kero Elan | a smile can be seen coming through a corner of her mouth.
Kero Elan: I have yet to meet a person in Starfleet how doesn't say that.
Kero Elan: But the fact that they chose to /do/ that job in the first place is good enough cause to celebrate people like that.
Quint laughs "Takes a special kind of odd to do this really"
Kero Elan: Talking of roles, did you see that note about Commander Helstone taking over temporarily? Do you know what that is about?
Quint nods "Yes....Its....Well....There was...Captain Perim had to take some down time.
Quint clearly seems to be caught as to how to answer with out irritating a few people involved.
Kero Elan: I don't mean to pry... I was just getting to know her, I hope it's not a permanent thing and that she is okay.
Quint: She's alright, not to worry...I'm just...Not to sure what I shoudl say. Kinda her place to. *laughs some*
Kero Elan perks an eyebrow.
Kero Elan: Intrigue! Might be good material for a new Klingon Opera *nods quickly*
Kero Elan: ... I can't believe I have just mentioned Klingon Opera.
Quint laughs "No harm no foul."
Quint: Trust me....Opera isnt what you'd pick after you get to talk with Perim...Trust me.
Quint laughs
Kero Elan | the one sided smirk takes over the entirety of her mouth now. "Well if she is around I will ask."
Quint: She is supposed to be at some point through out this day.
Quint: Might get your chance.
Kero Elan nods slowly. "On the subject of the colonists, I take it you won't be the one taking them back if we manage to fix the problem?"
Quint: No, Paladin is not that kind of ship....She's a warship...Built for patrol, stealth hunting, escort...THings like that. We can haul colonists about. Not enough room.
Kero Elan: I will make arrangements with command when I know what we need to do then.
Quint nods "I hope for a good solution.....Just not...Sure one can be found. I'm not scientist though."
Kero Elan nods once, slowly. "So do I, like I said thought, better not raise their hopes too much."
Quint: True. Its a big galaxy...plenty of places fo rthem to rebuild again. Maybe safe
Kero Elan | 's expression becomes a little gloomy.
Kero Elan: Let's just hope that if we relocate them, the Heralds won't go after them.
Quint nods. "Well....That is where my job comes in." his face has a similar gloom "I stand to hold the lin e against those...Who woudl do that harm"
Kero Elan smiles.
Kero Elan: Anyhow, I need to get back to my ship now. I need to do a few patrol runs...
Quint: Alright then. Be safe and good to actually meet you Captain. Not jsut bolt past.
Kero Elan: Likewise. If you will, feel free to join me for drinks in the future.
Quint smiles "Sure thing. I look forward to such a chance."
Kero Elan: I know I can be fairly... animated. But I think that making people laugh and giving them a chance to unwind, in this climate, is important.
Quint smiles "Captain with the last few hours I've had...you fit right in"
Kero Elan perks an eyebrow. "Something you'd like to get off your chest?"
Quint: No...More refering to your comment about being animated and helping peopel unwind. I'm sure you woudl have...Laughed at some of what has occured here the last few hours"
Kero Elan smirks once more. "Now I am really disappointed that I wasn't here earlier." *Stands up*
Quint: Safe journey Captain.
Quint smiles and stands offering a bow.
Kero Elan nods politely. "Take care, we'll speak soon."
Quint sits back down and sips his drink, readin ghis PADD.
Due to the recent engagements with the Heralds the USS Troi is out of commission until repairs are complete. This mission is postponed unless another ship is able to conduct the research.
Tavistock may be able to assist within the month