An excerpt from Event Horizon | 0030 Hours

[hannah is barely awake, sprawled across the bartop at event horizon in a drunken stupor, not even remotely fully conscious. she had been like this for some hours, muttering and murmuring infrequently to no one in particular, essentially dead to the world. though every time swifty would make an effort to move her she would miraculously spring to life, long enough to; cycle through every stage of grief in rapid succession, declare both her ceaseless hatred and unending love to the ferengi, recall some story that definitely didn't happen, order another drink, and then collapse back onto the bartop exactly as she was found]

[this cycle had repeated multiple times]

[eventually; the bar closed. though even though the drinks stopped coming and the patrons stopped walking past, hannah remained unmoved. eventually, a security officer approached her]

"Ma'am. I think its time you left"

"Ah! Leave!? Noo.... can't I stay? I don't want to leave... The night is so young! Why did I ever tell you the time I wrestled several Gron to submission, with one ha-"

"Ma'am. You've told me this story twice. It doesn't change the fact you need to leave"

"Huh... so you've heard that one. What about the time I tackled Q to the ground? Right across the brid..."

"...Bridge of the Fiji. Yes. You mentioned"

"Well! You definitely haven't heard the one where I-"

"If you don't leave in the next 5 minutes, you'll be telling the story about how I dragged you to a holding cell, to Captain Ailes"

[hannah stared up at the security officer for a moment, her head wobbling and her expression contorted with disgust, before throwing her arms up the air and rolling to her feet].

"You win, this time... But it's you who's missing out here. You ever heard of a little known race called The Borg?"

[she looked to the security chief, blinking several times, even nodding her head as if to prompt him to ask her, before scowling and walking away down the ramp, the security officer trailing behind her]

"I don't even know why I bother..."

"Oh, Commander, by the way; I love the lipstick. Really compliments your forehead"