An Idea

To: CMDR Eunha (@Eunha )
From: LTJG Sovum
Subj: An Idea


As we discussed before the Battle of Dartilus, here is my idea outlined in a way that is both easy to read and understand for the sake of getting my point across.
The plan has 3 key stages:

  1. Interrogate Terran Engineer Prisoners
  2. Approach our allies in the Romulan Republic
  3. Travel to the Mirror Universe and make initial contact with the Mirror Romulans.

Once that is achieved if they choose to open up a second front on the Terrans is up to them, however, they may have valuable intelligence to help us in defeating ships like The Saratoga, and its Flagship. This is by no means a guarantee but based on what I learned during the last interrogation, the Romulans of their Universe and the Terrans hate each other. Or at least are Subjugated by the Terrans. We can weaponize that.

LTJG Veneela Sovum
Medical Doctor
U.S.S Endeavour

//ATTACHMENT// vens_plan.ext


To: RADM Bishop @Sam
CAPT Mirazuni
From: CMDR Eunbi
Subj: FW: An idea


Lieutenant Sovum has come to me with an idea, thought it would be good to share it with you.

Commander Jung Eunbi
First Officer, USS Endeavour

//ATTACHMENT// Vens_plan.exe

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