APR 12 (gamma): Nearsighted

The Federation Science Council has commissioned a deep space survey and science expedition. Deep Space 13 has been asked to host the visiting delegation of scientists, to escort them to coordinates of interest and to generally aid them with their work. Officers of all disciplines have been invited to learn more about what might lie beyond our galaxy's edges.


When: APR 12 @ gamma

Where: Half will be at AG-21-8 facilities and half on a single starship/bridge.

What: Science and discovery RP. GM-managed.

OOC points of contact: @ompgaming1, @evenrue


This is the starting point event for what is going to a multi-month arc. And... not that there's anything wrong with learning, per se, but this event is technically not about educating you, so don't let that discourage you from coming. :roll:
For this science mission, the Argo team will be conducting a study of a deep space object of scientific significance.

The operational idea is described here.
Thank you to everyone who attended, hope you all had fun. :x

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