April 9th, Into the Beak

Following first contact with the Protectorate of Cuervo Verde, information learned about the sister civilization has prompted the interest of further investigation, as a result, the USS Kassandra has been dispatched under cloak to see what lays in wait inside the Yu system...


When: April 9th, @Beta +1

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Free-form / Structured

Starting Point: Sector Space for Bridge invites

OOC point of contact: @natthaan


Open for all Starfleet officers, prefer non-Captains, but Captains will be allowed to attend with the understanding that only the Kassandra going on this mission.
Omgsh I CAN make it. 5am is...fine. XD

Tanaka is ready!
ICly Lev asked about a mission like this but I can't oocly make it, but Lev wouldn't condone snooping under cloak and Starfleet probably wouldn't invite him on a cloaked vessel anyway, so problem solved!
Not everything needs a cloak. ;)
I think Terr would be interested in the outcome of the mission, but unlikely to step off her bridge to be involved again (unless required under orders to by mission parameters).
ICly, Derenzis has a warp drive to fix and a dark night of the soul to confront, so she won't be in on this one either. But she, too, would be interested in what happens.