Argo Go Bragh!

To: ENS Thyzee (@ElvenLord ); CAPT Nimitz, A (@Nimitz ); CAPT Nimitz, T (@Trellain43 ); CAPT sh’Sonora-Nimitz (@D-Rock ); LT Shea (@Blackwater ); CMDR N’Toth (@Biska ); CAPT Tungsten (@DrakeTungsten ); ENS Sovum (@Veneela ); CAPT Valencia (@Sam ); CAPT Mirazuni, A (@Sam ); LT Mituski, R. ; LT Sakura, M. ; LT Sanford, J.; LCDR Valore ; CMDR V’lol ; LT Niazov, S ; CAPT Grant, S. ; CDT Gha’Karr ; LT Shinwa, T.; CAPT Karadas, E.
From: ENS Murphy, A.
Subj: Argo Go Bragh!

Hey all,
I guess about six months I’ve been out here and envalue all of the associations I’ve made. Like patience on a monument how commendable has been ya’ll’s accommodation of me.

Well tomorrow 98207.8, abt 2000 hrs, I’ll be hosting a public house program on holodeck seven.

It’s by no means a bash, in fact I anticipate most of ya’ll to find it boring and will not at all be offended should ya’ll elect to not attend.

The marked holiday is the feast day of St. Patrick. The venue is a Irish-American pub. As only about 35-45% of my shanty/diddy belting at EH is politely received, this will likely be way lamer. But if you are so inclined, swing by. I’ve not open advertised the soiree as I am not endeavoring a blow-out to end all blow-outs, also that I need not more tavern-based debauchery station wide to further ruin the dregs of my professional reputation.

That said, bring whomever you like. Invite whomever you like.

Authentic deleterious libations have been provided by //REDACTED// of the USS //REDACTED//.
And Mr. Gall has assisted in catering historic flare.

When you approach the door to the tavern, you’ll be obstructed by a monstrous, unsightly potato-//CENSORED// mick lug. Whether he speaks to you or not, spit on the floor to your left and recite: “Here lies Adelaide Mary Murphy; if only we’d treated her better.” and he’ll grant you admittance.

Again, if you’re bored me with on the promenade, feel no obligation to attend. -Ooh, alternatively, if I’ve really grated your sensibilities on the promenade do attend and enjoy the opportunity to take a swing.


ENS Murphy, A.
DS 13 Operations


(( @Master_Dex @Eunha @Loxton; @Valore @D-Rock @Serah; @Donder172 ))

To: ENS Murphy, A (@Adelaide)
From: CPT Valencia, G

The person you have contacted is currently unavailable.

For urgent queries, please contact the First Officer onboard the U.S.S Endeavour.

For queries related to MACO, please contact the MACO administration officer onboard Deep Space 13.

Captain Gabriella Valencia,
MACO Team 32 Lead - U.S.S. Endeavour
38th Fleet, “Argo”