ATTN USS Brahe Crew: Policy Reminder: Non-Sentient Lifeforms

Security Level 1 - Open

TO Brahe/ALL
SUBJ Policy Reminder: Non-Sentient Lifeforms

Good Evening Brahe,
This is a general reminder about the policy regarding bringing Non-Sentient Lifeforms (NSL) aboard the Brahe. The short policy is: don't.

The long policy is that if an NSL is part of a mission, then at minimum it must be cleared by the Chief Science Officer and Chief Medical Officer prior to it being brought onto the ship.

Pets, service animals, NSLs intended for consumption, or any other reason not described so far will additionally require written approval from myself or Commander Ysleb. There are no exceptions to this rule. Non-Sentient Lifeforms can be a necessity; however, without proper procedure, they can pose a serious risk to the ship, the crew, and any planet or installation we visit.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the content of this message. Thank you for your time, attention, and cooperation in this matter.

I Have the Honor to be Your,
Captain Zaliel Sel
Commanding Officer, USS Brahe